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My daughter went to purchase an item on line, the coupon she had the code was not working, the person on the other end of the phone said she could not use it on line. My daughter read the fine print and it said for online orders use the code provided. The person would not get a manager when my daughter ask to speak to her manager.

my daughter had gone to 3 stores to get the item and they were all out of stock, she told the person that she wanted what she was in titled to, per the coupon and what she would have gotten if it was in stock in the store.

when the person on the other end of the phone said no, she said Target would lose my order that was over 150.00 and my baby shower registration, the Target person said, well if that is what you want to do then go ahead.

so since this hourly person felt it was her job not to fix the problem, Target has now lost our whole families business, the baby registration, which wee have over 40 people coming to it and she only did registration s. Buy buy baby will now get our business.

Target customer service 0sucks, we will never shop there, they lost all this over 20.00 dollars.

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Coupon.

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who should you blame the ceo making 28 million dollars that is who doesnt care about you.


"God bless you and have a good day. I forgive you for your cruel and uncalled for remarks.

I will say prayers for you."

No one posted any cruel comments.

Simply disagreeing with you is not cruel. Perhaps you and your daughter are not mature enough for this site?


target sucks, they tteat employees as bad as the customers are treated. have an issue working for target is who you email expect a very slow slow slow reply if one ever comes and it will most likly say it is you and wait for it it will come after they have already fired you. get real target sucks

to Anonymous #801221

That does not give the employees a right to treat us badly. My daughter fights for their country, she fights their battles and this is how she is treated. Stop replying if yo are going to be retarded, I heave every right to fight this, we fight for YOUR country.


When I have problems with a business, I act like a mature adult and don't expect all of my family and friends, to quit patronizing that business. That is just being really immature.

If I have a complaint with a business, I might tell somebody about the problem, but I don't demand that they quit patronizing the business. Furthermore, if your daughter is old enough to be having a baby, she should be fighting her own battles, instead of mommy doing it for her.

to anonymous #801185
I never demand anyone to stop. I see it a sticking together not immature.

I am not fitting her battle I am standing up for customer service. I guess this is why we all have our own option on how he deal with things. I wish you well and hope if you have a family and someone does something to your family member you stick together and not turn you head.
My daughter is very successful woman and fights for YOUR country, and fights YOUR battles on a daily bases.
He mother loves her and does not stand for people treat anyone with bad customer service.

If you don't agree with my post then don't respond. :grin
I wish you a blessed day.
to Anonymous #801216

Look, obviously your whole family is emotionally disturbed. Perhaps you should stop reading the review replies if you cannot take people's replies.

to anonymous #801220

Well Target can show a little more respect to me, you have no rite talking to me like this when I FIGHT for your country, I fight YOUR battles. You would not be avel to shop where you like if it were not me fighting for you. My daughter is having the baby but they will not let her keep it, they will put it in a foster home after what we did for YOUR country, they will put her child in foster home, and give full custody to the father.

to Anonymous #801223

Get your facts straight and stick to one story, who is the one fighting for your country? You or your daughter?

I if your daughter is so messed up that CPS needs to be involved and take her child from her before it is born I doubt that she is fighting for our country. If she were pregnant they would not allow her into battle, so think of another excuse to make you guys seem more important than others. This is an insult to those that actually do risk their lives for us.

PS not everyone who posts here is from USA, we have some Canadian posters as well and occasionally from other countries. If read as poorly as you spell perhaps you misread the coupon.


why would you want your baby registry family and friends to shop at TARGET anyway. They are selling your family and friends data so that they can pay the CEO 28 MILLION DOLLARS 14thousand DOLLARS an hour.

Your family will be broke while the CEO and his cronies are living large buying boats, houses, vacation homes, cars ect. Learn from what these CEO'S do stop giving them your money for BAD BAD CARE

to Anonymous #801213

What *** business is it of yours, we trusted their them, I told anyone that if they get my daughters gifts from target that they woin't be accepted that I would return them and tell them off and not talk to them. learn they lost my order of $150 and this was over $20, I won't be back and my daughter wont be back, we are going through a stressful time right now, the father of my daughters baby wants to keep the child from himself since cps will take it from her when it is born, it can be one of 3 men and if it is the man that wants the baby for himself they will give it to him only and not my daughter. I don't need stress and my daughter called names after going through hard time.

Denton, Texas, United States #801111

Target sucks!


Your daughter is a big girl now, it is up time she pulls up her big girl panties and fights her own battles. Why are you fighting her battles for her.

If this is her problem she should be able to write her own review. Also honey $150 is not going to hurt them, they probably made 100 times that much as a company while your daughter was on the phone crying because they refused to help her.

to Anonymous #801131
You must not have kids. When you *** off one person in our family you *** off all us.

It was not the money it was the point that customer service sucks. You must enjoy paying for bad service and support that people giving bad service. I am not fighting any battle for my daughter I am letting people know Target does not stand for customer service.
You must have been the person on the other end of the phone she was talking with that night.
I am sure the several thoussnds of dollares my family spent a year will not put a dent in Targets bottom line, put at least I will not stoop so low as to pay for *** service. If a enough people get tired of it then it will effect them.
So sad you saw this as fighting her battle.

It is family sticking together and not putting up with paying for bad service. :sigh
to kmunroe #801210

Yeah it is about time you stop treating her like she is four years old. Just because your precious little princess did not get her way and they made her cry to you does not mean their service was bad.

Yeah you are fighting for your daughter because your daughter is obviously too emotionally disturbed to post her own review. You obviously have the mental brain level of a six year old just to ASSume that because I am telling you as it is that I am the person on the other side of the phone. That is like me assuming that you are making lies about Target because you were caught shoplifting and or were fired.

I am sure even your emotionally disturbed daughter can figure out that that person most likely did not even see this review. It is not your family sticking together, it is your daughter not being able to oist her own review.

It is no wonder your daughter still needs you to baby her, you yourself have a lot of growing up to do.

to Anonymous #801212

God bless you and have a good day. I forgive you for your cruel and uncalled for remarks. I will say prayers for you.

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