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If you buy something online, there is practically no way of returning it! I purchased a clothing item online from in November. It arrived within 7 days promptly, but it was the wrong item. Completely different size and pattern. I searched their website and it said to send the item back and they will send the correct one in return (even though on the website itself it had this item listed as SOLD OUT and no longer available.... hmm).

I sent the item back, and two weeks later another package arrived. It was the correct item in the correct size, but it was utterly poor in quality. The hem on the coat sleeves and bottom were coming apart- to fix it myself would have been very time consuming. If it was one missing button ok fine not a big deal, but this was beyond the average person's repair.

I went back to the website, and it said to bring it into the store for a refund. So I go to the store, and the lady at the counter says "You've already returned this item according to the system". I explain how they sent the wrong item. She proceeds to call online? Or Target who knows and after 25 minutes (the poor woman was on hold here and there, it sucked for her too), she said "They said they're not sure why the website told you to return it in the store, but you have to return it by printing the shipping label and mailing it in". I couldn't, because it told me to go to the store and would not print a free return shipping label. I was going to have to pay $10 to ship a coat back which was damaged? This was amazing. At the end, I didn't even get a refund for shipping the item back!

I disputed the charge with my credit card company (this was in February), but now in April it has returned back onto my credit card as a charge ($69.99).

You read about how horrible their wedding registry site is, well now you know their online store is just horrible at managing simple purchasing processes and the website is buggy. Will not purchase again online from

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Deal.

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