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Made a online purchase of 2 window panels from target 3 weeks later only 1 comes! I spent 2 hours on the phone with Costmer service!!

Basicily for nothing! There online discription is WRONG! The kid asked what do u want me to do! I said send me the other half of my curtain!

He laughed and said for free? Duh yes I said! Fed up I asked to be transferred to a manager or someone who could actually do something. Well I end up in the phillipins, and the lady has no clue as to y I'm calling!

I tell her to transfer me back to the us and end up with another *** who could only order me another certain! And send me a ecard since I used Paypal!! 2 hours later no apology, still states on there web site 2 panels and I'm out more $ and stuck with a ecard!!!!

Thanks target! eBay and amazon here I come!

Monetary Loss: $50.

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so the original poster, who I feel like calling miserablebastard since your name says nothappy, you post on here but expect people not to reply? yeah, I've worked retail before.

a lot of people have. you assuming that I work for Target because I told you to calm down is a little odd but you're odd so.. it makes sense. and don't use your lame idumbphone as an excuse for your dumb talking.

but iphones are typically aimed at simple minded people. and for a 35 year old woman, you're pretty immature.

and anonymous is yet again weird and creepy as f**k. Jedi, he apparently thinks you're a 9 year old mother. or that's at least part of another one of his sick fantasies?

I think his psychiatrist is on vacation this week but when he starts telling all of us that we're the ones that require help, that's how we know his award winning shrink is back. he also apparently thinks you're sweet.


And anonymous new posted age is ten.


Well, Jedi, today's your day. Hope you had a happy mother's day, you ______.

How sweet. Jedi doesn't want you to throw a fit like a 9 year old, he/she wants you to throw one like a 12 year old (which is Jedi's newest posted age!)


Okay you are excused for typing like a nine year old with your explanation. However how is your phone making you throw a temper tantrum like a nine year old? There is no excuse for behaving like a spoiled nine year old brat.


Im on a I phone as* if you know anything about typing on a I phone, it's not the easiest thing to do! 1.

It auto spells things for you so sometimes you end up with a compleatly different word rather than the word you were trying to text!!!! 2. I don't have time to put in comas punctuation ect it takes up space and I am limited on how many letters I type! 3.

Do yourself a favor and re read what I wrote!! TARGET F*CKED up in there online description!!!

I places the order correctly! FYI this is a posting about TARGET dip S*IT not about my texting!!!


If you are 35 maybe you should start acting 35 so people don't mistake you for a 9 year old. You call the person who dealt with you a kid yet you are offended when others call you a kid for acting and spelling like one.

Just looking at your typing you are careless. Perhaps that is why you did not get everything you wanted?

That's the best posting I've ever seen on!! :)
Cudos :grin :grin :grin

Shut the funk up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jesus Christ! If there is a Devil in *** please make these idiots get run over by a TARGET semi!!!🏃🚑


To the OP's parents: Your baby is getting fussy. It's time for bed.


im flipping 35 dont take naps and btw IHATESTUPIDCOSTOMERS im a chick not a little boy!!!! now what im on my laptop and not a iphone!!!

so keep it coming! i can type all day!The post was about TARGET and how they suck A** not anything else MORONS


I think the OP is getting a little cranky since s/he missed their nap time.


Im not dumb!!! Your a *** skd with nothing better to do!


There is nothing wrong with my texting!!! I'm on my I phone!!!!

It auto spells words for you ect...and I was looking for other pissed of costomer's not a grade on my texting, spelling ect!!! So everyone else who posted go find something better to do with your time and get off my post!!!


Okay since this is about Target. I think Target is in the right here and the reason you got the wrong curtain was not because the wrong one was advertized but because you were careless with your typing.


To the OP.

If you don't know the difference between a kid and an adult it does not matter what this review is about. It is about your being dumb.


@ihateatupidcustomers...I'm gonna take a wild guess and say you work in the retail/service/(I don't have a college degree) field!! Just another guess @jedi: you are a kid!!

Yes you can work at 16 so what...what's your point!!! You don't have one so buzz off, go play Vidio games or something!


calm down little boy.


This is about TARGET!!!! Not my abbreviations, grammar, spelling, ect!! Bash target with me or go occupy yourself(with yourself)!


well you basically called yourself a Tard because that's your username. and I know iPhone's are horrible but that's no excuse for you typing like a 9 year old.


a. A young goat.

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a. The flesh of a young goat.

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