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If I could go back in time I would stop myself from ordering from I had bought my mom a trilogy set of a movie she loves. I placed the order on the 6th of December and it said you should see the order no later than the 14 of December. Well about two days ago I get an email from them saying that there has been a delay and I will see the movie by Christmas eve.

I call them that first day they just give me the run around saying that "there is nothing they can do and I should see the item no later than the 24th." I call BS on that and tell them to cancel my order I will just deal without it. She say's "i can't cancel your order it is in the processing stage." Really lady it's been in the processing stage since the 6th and it no the 12th.

So I call her a few words and hang up. I call again today and get someone else and ask why hasn't my order shipped. "We haven't updated the system yet we are not sure when the system will be updated." Well I tell her that if it's not shipped by the end of day today "the 13th" that should they ever ship it my bank will be ready to deny the charge, as I have recorded this conversation as well. The lady even said "oh well if that's what you feel must be done then okay." I felt like reaching through the phone and slapping the *** out of her and I am not a violent person at all.

I will never use ever again. They have no customer service and don't give a rat's butt about the customers just on how much of a headache they can make it for people.

Monetary Loss: $27.

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#582926 has a policy that says "Will bill when shipped" They should say they bill when they create a label. In my case it is $ 427.00 for electronics that they billed to my credit card immediatly and for the past 10 days the UPS tracking number they gave me shows nothing has been submitted to UPS.

Just try to talk to the idiots you get on they phone.

You might as well talk to yourself. Tried to cancel the order and they say they can't cancel so I just filed a dispute with my credit card company.

Warren, Michigan, United States #582427

if i could go back in time I wouldn't waste it on something *** like stopping myself from making an online purchase. I would stop Hitler, cure the plague, save Lincoln or something else that is more worthwhile...just sayin.


If you think bad service is limited to, please be warned that the stores of Target as equally as bad.

Fair warning - be very, very careful before you purchase ANYTHING of any large value at Target.

If you have a problem and they have your money - then no one has a problem BUT YOU.

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