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i placed an order for a DVD PLAYER (which they say was delivered and never came to me) they told me I had to call UPS why? anyway I called UPS (still waiting for credit on that) from Target was promised on 12/03 a credit would be issued order placed 11/22/2012 on line

on that same order!!!

2nd problem

same day (11/22?2012)

ordered a Television should have been delivered by 12/07/2012 the latest i checked with Target.com and the target store on queens blvd who called the place it was being sent from Home direct USA spoke to everyone they all said will be delivered by 12/07/2012 well guess what 12/07 came and went i called Home Direct again now they say (on 12/07 when it should have been del already) that it will be delivered on 12/12 and not even to the house they are sending it to some place in long island where it will be rescheduled for del to the house ARE YOU KIDDING ME !!! I CANCELED THE ORDER THEY RUINED MY WHOLE SHOPPING "GOOD" FREAT JOB! then they tell me it's too late to cancel REALLY!!!! I WANT A FULL REFUND

Monetary Loss: $277.

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I don't blame you for demanding your money back. BUT good luck with that.

Target doesn't give one iota concern for what you want. They took your order and money? Well, that's where your transaction ended. If you think you are going to get any satisfaction from the Target retail chain, I am afraid that you are in for a bitter disappointment.

For your sake, I do hope you are the ONE person who can resolve this matter.

So far, Target has no concern for their customers after a sale. It becomes strictly your problem.

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