Target offers free cookies for kids, but then acts like it is the largest imposition in the history of time to grab the dang cookie for you. Don't offer the cookie if you don't want to hand them out.

See you later Target, you lost a lot of money, instead you could have just handed the cookie out with a smile and I would have spent more and more money during the time my child was happily distracted. Target doesn't care about customers anymore. Terrible. Bye Target, no needs to visit any longer after the way I was treated numerous times.

Haha, I even received a college scholarship from Target.

Would be wiling to pay it back at this point. How embarrassing.

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"Don't offer the cookie if you don't want to do it."

Because what corporate wants and what individual stores want are ever the same. You'd be surprised by which corporate decisions are so despised by the individual stores. Not that saying that this is the case for this particular offer, but you have to realize that stores aren't always responsible for creating offers, ads, deals, etc.


you are seriously complaining about the length of time it takes you to receive something that's FREE???? I'm sure you really would've spent a lot of money if you are so *** concerned getting things for free


Target lies about EVERYTHING

You sure it wasent your kindergarten graduation papers you received little baby? :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry

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