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I'm 68 years old and waited in line for three hours at one store for a bottle and a Beanie. I then to two other stores to buy two more sodas and got three bottles of Nuka Cola. At a fourth store I got a second Beanie and a ball cap.

I got in line each time at each store.

One Beanie and one soda was kept by my college age son, one was given by him to a friend (a girl) who despite being first in line at her TARGET she got trampled by younger guys (in their 20's) running over the top her going to the back of the store where electronics is located. The third bottle and ball cap went to others.

The only selfish people in all this are the TARGET managers and employees that ripped off the public. I've spoken to TARGET executives and the rule was NO reserving for anyone, no calls in to hold products, employees had to be off work and get in line like everyone else.

I have screen shots off eBay with full cases, some still having the shipping labels attached going for $600.00 to $1,395.00 per sealed cases. There were over 100 eBay auctions up within hours of the release selling anywhere from 3 to 10 bottles for up to $100.00 per bottle.

“Bethesda Softworks said that it shipped 12 million copies, or $750 million worth of postapocalypse role-playing game Fallout 4 to retailers for its launch day”.

“Fallout 4 sold nearly 2.5 million copies on the day of release”.

I’ll be contacting Bethesda Game Studios directly about my complaint that by TARGET’s lack of interest and response to my complaints I can only assume TARGET condones its employee’s behavior of obtaining exclusive promotional items by “reserving” promo items that ultimately end up on eBay such as unopened cases of Nuka Cola still displaying shipping labels with bar codes that can be used by TARGET to identify the TARGET store of origin.

Jones Soda isn’t happy about TARGET employees buying up Nuka Cola and putting it up on eBay.

Here are some links:

The photos are from eBay auctions for cases selling between $600.00 to $1,395.00 per case. You can still see the shipping bar codes attached.

Time for all Fallout fans to boycott TARGET...

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

I didn't like: Target staff ripping us off.

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Plymouth, Massachusetts, United States #1149647

Perhaps you should wait in an open register line instead of a closed one ... There is "NO WAY ANYONE" in their right mind would wait 3 hours in any line not even at six flags.

to Anonymous #1149703

Then I guess you have not read about those that waited overnight for the playstation 4. I heard some even literally camped out(with tents and food) but I think that is just rumor.


*** Target.Iv heard nothing but horror stories about this situation and experienced the jerks first hand lying to us customers.

I've heard people who said Target told them they only had 9 bottles because everyone called in and reserved them all, which if you look at the add for this last batch specifically says, "No reservations, 2 per customer". I went to three different Targets the day of and they all told me to come back tomorrow. Two out of three told me to come back monday....MONDAY marked the official END of the sale, which was only a weekend deal and they did not put them out until then im thinking? But wait, it turns out they got them in and put them out for sale on Sunday, but told everyone who asked to come back monday, gee....I wonder why Target.

I've already had it out with one of these people who had an entirely unopened case with target shipping label and all, on ebay for a ridiculous price.

People like him are the reason real collectors and fans didn't even come close to getting theirs, because of Targets unwillingness to comply to regulations and their blatant disregard for customer satisfaction in the most BASIC of ways.Truly makes me pissed off.


Maybe if they would focus on there stock and managing a store instead of this *** with the gender diversity they would really get stuff done.



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