We purchased 47" LCD Olevia televesion from Target a year ago, and purchased the extended warranty to go along with it.The TV stopped working May 10.

My husband made numerous calls to Target, and finally after two weeks, a contracted repair man called us, but said we lived too far for him to come pick up the TV for what Target allows him for mileage (he lives 20 miles from us) My husband argued with Target until they finally agreed to pay the repairman a fair price for pick up and delivery of our televsion. He now has our TV, but was told by Target not to repair it, they will replace it. It has now been 2 months that we are without a TV, paying for satellite service (with HD) that we aren't using. They said they mailed us a gift card over a week ago, it hasn't arrived.

We tried to simply get our money back to shop elsewhere.

I'll never shop at Target again.Best Buy may be a bit more, but I've never had a problem with their extended warranty.

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I bought an underwater HD camera in April this year with the warranty plan.It broke in July and I immediately shipped it off and was told I'd get a giftcard within 10 business days.

It's now August 26th. I've called back repeatedly. The "first" card they sent out never arrived. As for the second?

They keep telling me that it will come. Two days ago I was told it should be here at the end of the week. Today's Friday and I called.

The rep said it will be here next week.Awful isn't it?


@We are sick and tired of Target - The way to get Target to act is to email/call/write the Executive VP of Stores with the exact info from above.Target corporate is actually ignorant of the operational nightmares the service plans create.

When they jumped into the abyss carrying extended plans, it violatd their mission of the way they are supposed to treat their guests.Corporate needs your feedback to rethink things.


Its been over a month our TV is at the repair shop waiting for warranty company to approve a repair.Warranty company is supposedly looking for a part that needs to be replaced but don't know where to find it.

Hopefully the will find it or we are without a TV with no 2nd option from them so far but wait.Its horrible, never pay a penny to buy that frustration


My Playstation is less than a year old and it is not working. I paid 45 dollars for a 3yr warranty from Target but when I took it back they started giving me a runaround. I guess I will call sony and let them fix this piece of junk but f**k Target.I should have stuck with Best Buy and I will from now on.


And in case your wondering, I live in a very populated suburb outside Buffalo. I get all my other mail, including, (LOL) my target credit card bills...


ok, an update!After waiting the 15-20 business days, I takled to a supervisor who said I should have only waited 7-10 business days.

Ok, whatever, so she said she will mail me a new G/C since the one that was supposedly sent was never cashed. Ok, so 7-10 days go by and no G/C!!!! SO I take it to the "next supervisor" level, I ask to have them send it Fed Ex Signature required, they say they will not do this, so I offer to pay the extra shipping charge, they still say no. So, Yes, They supposedly send another G/C!!

I never get it. So back to the "supervisor"....They tell me they will send me a check instead??? What? what's the difference?

I won't get it right? Right! It's been 6 business days and still nothing! I just want my itouch back!!!


So, I will call them back tonite and see what now....3 months and going!


I purchased target extended warranty on my iPod touch.The battery life was failing so i took advantage of the warranty.

I sent the iPod in and it was supposedly fixed and delivered but i never received it. After calling target i was told to wait another week to make sure it didn't show up ( even though it was shown delivered by ups but left on doorstep) . Ok fine. So after a week it still didn't show up so i called again and they said they will reimburse me for the whole purchase price....great right?

Well after 10 business days, no gift card, so i called target again and was told to wait 15 to 20 business days....15 to 20???? I asked if this gift card was coming from Tokyo?

She laughed and said it should be here before that.Well it was sent October 5th and it is now October 20...and still no card....i will keep y'all updated.....


May I help you....Do you work for ESP? because I swear your the only person that has a clue. I am so sick of reading these horrible reviews, when we have done everything we can and gone above and beyond to help this crabby aholes



“Olevia TV's are manufactured by a company owned by Wal-Mart, but sold by many manufacturers.”

Not true. The Taiwanese company “Kolin” designs and manufactures “Olevia brand”

LCD TVs, which are sold by Walmart under a partnership with US-based Syntax-Brillian.

Note that Target Brands is no longer carrying the Olevia brand TVs in their stores or on target.com.


Olevia TV's are manufactured by a company owned by Wal-Mart, but sold by many manufacturers. they break down frequently as they are not a good brand. When you call target extended warranty support demand that they use trained techs and take it to a authorized warranty center, if not, it is usually not fixed correctly

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