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I received a camera for Valentine this year. After taking 10 pictures or so, the camera froze.

It turned off, the lens remained open. I took it back to Target where it was purchased and was told that there was nothing they could do because I did not have a receipt, however, because of the barcode they could tell it was purchase at that very store. I was told that they would not return anything without the receipt that cost over $70.00 and guess what the total cost of the item was $74.95. For $4.95 they could not help me, heck that would be the tax.

I would have to call the Samsung and try to get them to send me another camera, which means taking time off of work (again, pay to send the camera back and pay to have it looked at. Yes, I am ticked.

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You can tell "huh" is a typical helpful Target employee. Immediately accusing the customer of being a liar.

No chance it was a misunderstanding, nope. Customer is a liar.

Target's return policies stink. Blame people who steal if you want, but bottom line, Target is just stingier than most places.


Huh and shootingstar are correct, you cannot scan an item and tell what store it came from, scanning will only tell you that it is a valid bar code for Target. Get the reciept from the gift giver and there will be no problem with the return. (within 90 days) If you want to blame someone, blame the people who steal merchandise which forces these types of policies.

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They can't give you an exception... the system will literally not process a return without receipt over $70.00 and there's no override.

The $74.95 is the lowest selling price in the 90 days prior to you trying to return it, so no, the $4.95 is not your tax.

Was it bought on a credit/debit card? Because they're able to look up the purchase using those and you would be able to return/exchange it at that point.


There's no way from a bar code which exact store it was bought at, so that's a lie, what else are you fabricating? Get ahold of the reciept or suck up dealing with the manufacturer and follow the rules everyone else has to.

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