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I purchased one patio chair cushion in the Topeka, Ks Target. I needed two.

They looked up the product and gave me a list of Target stores that still had the cushions available. I drove over an hour to the Shawnee Mission super store in KS. they did indeed have the cushion I needed. But it was 12.00 more.

I went up to customer service with my receipt from the Topeka store and explained I had been sent to their store but had not been told the cushion would cost more. The customer service clerk called a manager who said he would not price match their own company's price. Everyone in line could not believe what I was told. I told her I felt this was terrible customer service.

Everyone in line agreed including the clerk. I did not buy the cushion. I typically spend one to two hundred a week in Target on of my favorite stores. I wrote a letter to Target head quarters and did not even recieve a reply.

I have not been in a Target since and my family (four adult children) have not either. We have switched to walmart since Target has such poor policies. I have shared my story with others and will continue to do so.

They advertise that they will match other stores ads, but not their own company prices? Wow

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They totally should have price matched. It's ridiculous that some stores don't do that.

I know, I've been having the same issue with Petco matching one of it's own prices. It's just bad customer service not to. Especially, if it's obvious the customer has done their homework. (i.e.

looking into prices at other stores and trying to find the best deal).And it makes the customer really angry and not want to shop there anymore. I can understand a store not wanting to match another store's price. But not match their own price?

That's really bad. :(


Pland, you actually seem like a normal person. so I'm just gonna say that you had a bad experience and Target just didn't give you the service that you needed.

end of story. but PLEASE don't respond to that Anonymous weirdo from Mississippi. I promise you that he's just a psychopath looking for attention.

or she, they still have told us if they're a man or woman. probably due to the fact that they don't know how to answer questions.


The reason I bought one is I already had a complete set. My son's rehearsal dinner was by our pool and I had two chairs I had refinished that I wanted to "match" to my existing set. When a child gets married you just want everything perfect!


Anonymous please disregard anything non productive from other peoples post. I just ignored it.

I am pleased to say I sent an email to Bed Bath and Beyond questioning the use of one of their online coupons in conjunction with in store pick up. Which I now know you can not do...

But they emailed me a 20 percent off coupon That I could! Now that us customer service!


UH- Joan:

Just wanted to follow up on my answer to S-T-U-P-I-D'S assertion that I, the anonymous a$$hole from Mississippi, am flirting with you. :x

Since you bought into the lie that I am upset with Target for not being able to return "bed sheets and cereal", I want to assure you that this posting is a lie, too. Now S-T-U-P-I-D says I am upset because of a "tshirt" ruined in Hurricane Katrina. :upset

See, this is a lie, too. The trolls are having a great time with you. You seem to fall for any giberish they put out in cyberspace. :roll

Just so you know, IT ISN'T TRUE.

Conversely, it is true that Target doesn't offer any customer service, just as I stated in my opine to you dated July 14th. :roll

I will no longer shop at Target because of their horrible customer relations and will pass that information to everyone I can to dissuade them from dealing that that retailer! :roll


My opinion is that I wouldn't have bought the one if I needed two. I'm sure I could have found another pair that I would be satisfied with. I just don't believe in driving any distance just to get one item.


Pland, the Anonymous a$$hole from Mississippi is flirting with you :p

and unfortunately.. having another episode. you reminded her of when Hurricane Katrina ruined her favorite tshirt and Target wouldn't return it :sigh



It is so refreshing to meet someone who has no expections of a retail company except to get good customer service. :)

We can purchase almost anything we want at any number of stores in our areas. It is good customer service that keeps customers returning to do business with any specific company. ;)

I shall not take any chances at being ripped off by the Target chains when there are so many stores willing to stand behind the products they sell. :zzz

Keeping customers satisfied will keep customers shopping at a store. Target hasn't learned that an unsatisfied customer will cause much harm to their reputatiion and ultimately, their bottom line. :?

Not only will I not shop at Target and choose other stores, I will do my best to warn everyone I can how Target treats their "guests". :(


I appreciate the helpful positive comments! In this terrible economic era, I do believe that the companies that make a customer feel valued and go the extra mile will keep their customers.

My daughter manages a clothing store. Their companies policy is to never let a customer leave unhappy. Obviously from the many posting regarding Target they don't care. Everyone I have talked to was disappointed in their handling of the situation.

Plenty of stores would have actually transferred in what I needed. Those stores will keep my business.


i work at a target store. i agree that the team member should have let you known that prices vary by store; unfortunately we have no way of knowing the other stores prices unless we give them a call to ask.

best practice is to do this before the guest is on their way to the other store to make sure they have what the guest is looking for on hand. it is up to that store's manager if they adjust the price. usually target stores do not match their own prices because it has to do w/ how high or low volume the store is.

In the end, the manager should have just allowed the adjustment.. what it comes down to is that some managers are just stricter than others.


They most likely like you did not know that the price would be different. Maybe you should read some of those educational books that you sell.

This is more of an error than bad customer service. Bad customer service is not refusing to bend and break the rules for you.


Cushion was not on clearance. And why is it weird to spend over a hundred at a grocery/retail store?

I have a large family and many animals. My point was since Target sent me there it would have been nice to have been told the price might be different. I sale educational books to schools districts in five states.

Customer Service is my job. This was bad customer service.


sometimes certain stores have different prices. I'm not saying I agree with it, I'm just saying you should have just spent the extra 12 dollars if you drove that far for a cushion AND for some odd reason spend hundreds at Target each week.

and Anonymous, a store that doesn't satisfy their customers might not be a good thing. but being a pyschotic, creepy, weird loser with an attention disorder that refuses to get help isn't a good thing either.


Clearance items are not price matched. There was a reason you got the last one for that price at that store.

Wal-Mart does the exact same thing. Just because an item is on clearance at one store doesn't mean every store has to put that item on clearance.


Very loyal customer service to change your favourite store just based on one experience. Also the amount you spent means noting to them. What you could have done was return the cushion to the target that cost less and repurchased it.


HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA!!!!!!!!

Target will price match their competitors, but NOT ANOTHER TARGET STORE?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?

It doesn't get any better than that.... :upset :upset :p :p


Target will price match their competition. Another Target store is not a competitor.


Target has policies that aid the store in denying customer service. They do not stand behind their products.

They are incredibly rude and unyielding in their denial to help customers once a purchase is made in the store.

Once you buy something at Target, you are on your own. They will not help you once they have your money.

I will never shop at the Target stores again.

The last time Target burned me with a sale was just that - the last time!! :)

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