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Sometime after Thansgiving Target ran an online website sale at consisting of a BOGO free on certain bottles of cologne. I purchased a bottle of Ralph Lauren Polo cologne(Original Green).

This was clearly listed in the BOGO as one of the elgible items, and even shows on my receipt. When I recieved the shipment there was only 1 bottle of Ralph Lauren Polo cologne present. When I called Target they said I was at fault, and they could not send me my 2nd bottle that I was eligible for during the promotion. In their words, I had to put 2 bottles of the cologne in my shopping cart to get the one bottle free, as if I did not do that then they would assume that I only wanted the 1 bottle.

The promotion, and my reciept clearly stated that this was a BOGO free promotion on the Polo cologne, and never 1 time was I instructed to add a 2nd bottle to my shopping cart. The entire time the bottle in my cart stated BOGO free. They did offer to sell me the 2nd bottle at 50% off. I told them no, and that I wanted the BOGO free bottle I already was owed.

They stated that they could not do something for free, and that they had to put a price in the cart. At this point I told them to sell me the 2nd bottle for $1, as they just told me it had to have a price on it. I was put on hold, and when phone call resumed I was told that was not possible.

Couple this incident (Target ripping me off) with the recent credit cart data theft from Target, and you will not see me, my family, my friends, or anyone else I can convince in a Target store or on a Target website again. Later, Target.

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Website.

Monetary Loss: $70.

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I have online shopped for years and have ALWAYS had to add all quantities of a buy get promotion to get the deals. Buying just one never triggered the sales. People just don't ever want to admit they are wrong and blame everyone else.


They offered to try to fix it.. How is that not customer service?? and a target store are 2 different things!


CUSTOMER SERVICE fail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is called NO CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You may have not done it correctly but when it is brought to the ATTENTION of the store that you did in incorrectly THEY SHOULD BE 'smart' enough to fix your error!!!!!!!!!!!!! HENCE A COMPLETE FAILURE WHEN IT COMES TO CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 and I can guarante that AMAZON would send your FREE BOTTLE out NEXT DAY AIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Durrr. Of course you had to add the second bottle to your cart.

If they would have had the same promotion in a retail store, wouldn't you have to put 2 bottles in your cart? You were not ripped off, you were a victim of your own lack of common sense.


You should thank them for not letting you have 2 bottles of that *** fragrance!


You always have to add the 2nd bottle to the cart. Then it shows up as free. Now you know.

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