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Consumer Warning: do not buy anything from Target from the electronics department. They have a policy where you must return the item within TWO weeks or they won't take it back.

It is their "new" policy. Horrible, given the fact they count CD/DVD's unopened as an electronic item. It was worth the 6.00 to open the package and dump them throughout the parking lot. Target sucks and it always smells like dirty diapers, especially the location in Cupertino, California.

The ambiance of the smell, combined with the neo nazi non return policy makes me never want to shop there again. Seems like society is being cornered into shopping at these crappy corporate factory stores and we are screwed.

DON't BUY Electronics from them unless you are certain you never want to return the thing. I even tried to exchange them, but the cashier said "IT's not letting me to do this." Human decision making is out of the equation along with reason.

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Cashier.

Monetary Loss: $6.

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im not saying target doesnt screw
people over because a busines is just that a business
to make money,so ere goes they all will try to screw
the consumer

well i for one have never had a problem returning
anything to a target

even electronics and ive only had to make a few returns
in many years


Target has very bad customer service specially when you try to return. I tried to return some electric shavers and some cosmetic items yesterday.

My wife lost the receipt. However, she has the gift-card that she used to purchased the items. Target can normally give you the refund with the gift-card to pull up the receipt. However, I went to 3 targets and all the store refuse to do the return.

They are really sucks on customer service. My friendly suggestion to all of you is that "never shop in Target"


Experts - With the same degree of respect, I disagree with your posting.

Target is notorious for not wanting to exchange a product or refund money after a purchase.

Their policies are not new.

Their refusal to exchange a product or refund a customer's money (or gift card) has been the normal method of operation at their stores for as long as people have been posting to this site. Target is a corrupt company and their corruption needs to be exposed to any potential customers.

Northway, Alaska, United States #411583


With all due respect to everyone, I disagree with your comments regarding Target's return policy. I was told at the returns counter that the policy is new and it applies only to items purchased in the electronics department. It may be different at various locations, but this is what I was told.


Two weeks is the policy for price adjustments. If you wanted to return the unopened cds, with your receipt, they can do that within 90 days. It is true that some electronic items have a 45 day return policy.


Corporationsrincontrol - you silly dilly. You are trying to make a stink about being "stuck" at Target? Oh, you silly person.

See, after reading all of the reviews of Target on the search site, you will see that it's "their store their rules". Customers have no rights there; it's Target for gosh sakes.

If you will take a few minutes and watch the people walking out of Target, they are all rubbing their backsides where they pulled the arrow out of their but*s. The only thing Target will do for you after a sale is rip you. After all, it's, "their store, their rules".

You don't think Custoemr Service applies to you, do you?

i am an electronics team member - have worked there for 2 1/2 years. i think i know what i'm talking about. :roll

Ha,Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha.

It isn't Target's fault. You didn't get YOUR facts straight.

You got this? You don't even have a clue of what happened in your own dealings with Target.

Boy, do you ever have egg on your face!!

Actually, electronics items must be returned within 45 days of purchase. Two weeks is for a price adjustment (if something you purchased went on sale.) Get your facts right before posting :)

My advice to you is - Don't shop at Target for ANY reason.

Their (and I love your accurate description here and wish to quote you) "neo nazi" return policy is absurd in an economy where there are other stores much more accomodating with their customer satisfaction concerns.

Please read all the reviews of Target on this site and see that you are among many of us who were victims of Target's ridiculous policies, and pass the word on as much as you can. It may only be a $6.00 purchase, but they are going to lose many customers over that sale. Get the word out and warn your family and friends.

Opening the packages and dumping them in the parking lot will only make you feel better for an instant. Publishing your experience won't be a knee *** reaction, but will make your point to many, many other shoppers who need to be warned about Target's practices.


The funny thing is you must have really liked Target to be this mad. You sound like a bitter ex-lover.

All over $6?

Lol. Time heals all wounds.

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