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Target "refund" for lousy quality items - I ordered stools from Target and received very poor quality items. The holes didn't line up at ALL.

When I went to the local store to return, they offered a gift card....seemed odd since I was returning with the 90 day window and had my credit card. I figured I must have to return on-line to get my money back.

After many attemps to get a return label from their system, I had to speak with a representative who indicated their policy does not allow refunds when using PayPay.....since I used PayPal, they will not refund my money. I'm not sure why a big business like Target cannot refund via PayPal when my very small business CAN.

BUYER BEWARE - Don't use PayPal with Target....they will keep their money as they have a "special" policy that allows for it!

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Gift Card.

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Here's the thing. They give you a refund for the total amount onto a gift card that can be used online or in the store.

Since the stools you got didn't work, wouldn't it be easier for you to use the GC to re-order rather than dealing with the whole banking issue?

PayPal is tricky because it essentially acts as an intermediary between banks, who in turn act as intermediaries between companies or people. While YOUR small business might be able to easily sort this out, Target has a higher volume and might not be able to.

There will be a test at the end of your trading experience.
Be prepared to defend yourself. :p

Clearly stated in their policies that you can look up yourself and it was presented to you before checkout:

“If you pay by PayPal and then return items to a Target store you will be refunded with a physical Target GiftCard. If you return your items to, your refund will be issued in the form of an electronic Target GiftCard OR physical Target GiftCard.”

Who's fault is it that you were too lazy to read?

I'll "one better you than that". :roll
BUYER BEWARE purchasing anything from Target and expecting a refund, even within the 90 day policy period.

They do not offer any customer service and their policies almost always preclude any type of cash refund. They most often offer a gift card. Once you purchase anything from Target, you'd better hope that there is no problem with your merchandise.

There will be a problem and it won't be for Target. :(

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