I went to Target store on Power and Southern in Mesa this week to get a baby shower gift. I went to use machines to pull up registry for baby shower .

The machines said something along the line that associate would be with me shortly. Waited a little while then decided to go to customer service desk. After waiting in line I told th CUSTOMER SERVICE associate what the machine said. her response was "that the machines are broken" I then asked if there was any other way for me to see the registry.

She said I would have to go home and print the registry or go to another Target. I said what if I do not have a computer at home she said then I would need to go to another Target...I said to hopefully get a better response that maybe I should just go to Walmart and she said "well I guess you could".

What I could not believe is if their machines have been down and they sell computers and printers is how would they not set one up so they could print off items for both their wedding and baby registry's so people who come in will buy from their store. Wow Target is making sooo much money they can turn away customers

Monetary Loss: $100.

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Are you asking her out on a date?


Who's pregnant?


Where did she say that SHE was pregnant?


Common sense should tell your dumb@ss that if Target's computers are down store they won't be able to pull anything up for. Sorry that is that too much for you to comprehend.

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