Imagine my surprise when I purchased a Nikon Coolpix camera there and there was no USB downloading cord included. My gripe with Target is that they should have mentioned that in their ad.

What pissed me off also is that they did not sell any USB camera ports there. It's like selling a car without a key. Also, if you are out of cameras, put a sign up that states "Item is temporarily out of stock". So you do not waste my time or the employees.

I will never shop at Target again. I do not have time to waste.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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If you expect a store to list every item that does not come with every item in the ad, every item would need it's own page. If you're going to blame anyone, blame nikon for cutting corners, but then you'd have to blame canon for doing the same thing, it's not an uncommon thing, I'm afraid you'll have to boycott every electronics retailer if these were your problems. Do your research beforehand, be informed.

to Anonymous Orange, California, United States #917045

I agree, the box just tells you what is included in the product, the OP needs to have a parent read the box and ad and tell him or her what is included. For example I am sure condoms are not included and this is not stated.

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