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After spending 2 weeks in the house due to bad weather and cold weather - I finally ventured to Target, Newburgh, NY this morning. It was around 10 AM.

When I walked to the back of the store - the Valentine and snack isles - they were BLOCKED with boxes, carts, piles and piles of merchandise that had to be put on the shelves. I couldn't even make it down one isle and the other isles the end of isle was blocked with unmovable items and I would have to turn around and go back around. When I mention this to one of the MANY employees on the floor that this should be done at night, he totally agreed with me. Most of the employees were working but sever just standing , talking.

Horrible - conditions - so I left and didn't get anything.

Not a great experience. :


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Unbelievable. There are employees who show up at 3 in the morning to begin stocking shelves, in order to lessen the chance of these types of circumstances.

But have you noticed how many different products Target sells?? Give them a little credit.

Lorain, Ohio, United States #957741

Wow god they sound horrible for making sure there is product of the floor for selfish people like you to shop and destroy. You are an ***.

And I don't know why you added all that nonsense about the weather and time. No one cares and it's irrelevant. The employees didn't have a choice.

Maybe they don't have hours to do it at night or do you not understand how payroll works. I'm glad you went somewhere else people like you are annoying.

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