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Target is getting rid of their Target Visa cards and will soon only offer their Target "Red Cards", which can only be used at Target (and they are refusing to revise interest rates on current Target Visa Cards, despite however good your credit may be or how long you've been a customer). I once preferred Target as a "general store" -- but their bank-card financial policies have now alienated me, and I will now make an effort to go to other stores.

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Credit Card.

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Target sucks you in with their credit card offer of 10% off on your purchases the day you sign up. Then they encourage you to use the card so you get 10% off after charging $1000 (big deal...10%).

Once your balance is up to 4 or 5 thousand, even if you are never late and always pay way more than the minimum payment, they will suddenly raise your rate to usury levels and tell you that your credit limit is being lowered. While every other credit card company is raising your rates, Target makes you feel like you are some kind of credit scofflaw.


Time to just say no to shopping @ Target

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