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I purchased a Sprint upgrade through Target mobile on Beechmont which i traded my current Sprint phone in through their buyback program . The sales associate sent me home without being able to activate it stating poor sprint service at this location after being in the store for two hours .

I activated it at home and left it to charge all night as the battery was dead to begin with at the store as well . The following day i had no data connections and kept dropping calls and texts would not send . As soon as i left work i went to the Sprint store who told me they could not help me as i purchased from target but did say that phone had a antenna issue as he couldn't get it to connect to the stores wifi. Went back to target where it was purchased and the sales associate currently there could not find me in their system , only to find out after one hour of being there she tells me they dont even have any more htc one cellphones there anyways and sent me to another store fifteen miles away .

Target mobile in milford was finally able to get into my account after figuring out the other sales associate entered my name in lower case . After two hours of being there i was home with a new phone . The following day I learned I was now being charged for two activation fees from srpint and they would not take either off as they said it was targets responsibility so I said i will just take it all back and go with another provider. I went back to the Target in Beechmont who the female associate said to come back tomorrow as she didnt know how to do returns.

I refused and she contacted another associate who quit answering his phone. Ultimately the distric manager was called and the phone was returned and he was supposed to remove my account from Sprint within a hour . Well unfortunate that it took me five more days and twenty hours later with Target refusing to help me any more that I finally was able to have Sprint see that the item was returned .

I even contacted the store manager who said she would investigate and call me back and she never did . Then it took me another ten more days and many of hours to finally be credited for the events that took place .

Monetary Loss: $500.

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