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I purchased a Sleeper Sofa Online as a gift for my son in California, I live in Virginia.

It arrived without the assembly Hardware, No big deal right?

Target washes its hands of the matter and says contact the manufacturer.

The Manufacturer says it can't send the bag of a few screws, bolts and washers, and they say they will pick the item up and give a refund.

This "Gift" has cost my son the time and effort of many Phone Calls, being placed on hold and just being given the run-around.

What's so *** hard about slapping a bag of parts in the mail?

I've worked in Customer Service for years. I can't tell you the number of times I've got up from my desk, walked over to Parts Supply, then over to Shipping and Done Just That!

I guess No Good Deed or Target Purchase Goes Unpunished.

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Shipping Service.

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How is this Target's fault, exactly?

Unless it was a TARGET brand sofa, the manufacturer gave the products over to the retailers. Target never would have had anything to do with what was inside the box.

I also don't think whatever company made the sofa would say to EVERY retailer "Here's an extra bag of parts, in case we messed up."

Contact the manufacturer. Call it a day. Don't shoot the messenger.



O T A Y !!!!! :p :upset


I'm sure they had an extra hardware pack sitting in the back of the store :roll :roll .


Since the product was purchased at Target it was more than likely made in China. The fact is that there are not spare parts sitting around for many of these things that come from China.

Their only solution can be to pick up the product for refund or exchange. Next time try to find a product from a reputable domestic manufacturer if possible.


Target has a huge advertising budget but is going the cheap route on customer service. Now that they've got a few generations hooked on their prices and used-to-be good return policy, they are clamping down.

It is Target's responsibility to provide what they advertised! Anyone who thinks it's the manufacturer's fault doesn't understand how business works.

Target holds all the cards and can easily tell the manufacturer to ship out the parts. The lowly consumer has no power with the manufacturer who has already been paid by Target for the item.


Frustrating sure, but how is it Target's fault? The manufacturer is the company causing the headache.

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