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I don't QUITE understand what good a RECEIPT is I guess since at Target these days haveing a receipt is almost as good there as NOT having one!!! So I understand that certain rules must be inplemented in retail so that the scandalous people of the world are not able to "work" the system.

However... I went in to Target today to return a $9.00 shirt that I had worn ONCE (and NOT washed or altered in any way, shape, or form) and had purchased a week ago. The shirt began to unravel at the bottom where a decorative seamline is sewed in. Okaaaaaay, so since it is obviously a cheap shirt made of cheap material (probably in a child-run sweat-shop somewhere) I get that it might have issues.

HOWEVER, ALL I wanted to do is return the shirt for my money back (since I HAD the receipt and did not WANT to exchange for the same item since I NOW know it's a piece of ***) and guess WHAT???!!!! Yeaaaaaahhhh, I had to exchange for the exact same shirt because at Target, clothes have to be returned in "new and unused condition" WITH a receipt in order to get your money back!!!!! Oh, I'm sorry!!! Didn't know UNTIL I wore the *** thing that it would not hold up.....


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Wow I understand that this person is upset, but with the last line he posted I wonder if he or she is 14 years as well?


Target generally accepts all returns, regardless of the circumstance (ie worn or otherwise) within ninety days of purchase. The fact that you were refused your money speaks volumes about the condition of the shirt.

If the shirt is in disrepair due to poor construction, the exchange seems more than fair. You wanted the shirt upon purchase and you wanted it in new shape.

That's what you got... so your point is mute.

to targetemployee #756751


Going to Macys - Thanks for your comment to this posting. It seems as though more and more of us are leaving Target for stores that stand behind the products we purchase.

I won't be back to that hellhole they call a retail store because of their ridiculous and unyielding policies.

It's nice to see so many others doing the same! :( :)

I don't know what planet you are from but here on Earth one week is equal to seven days.

I turn 14 tomorrow and I think I am too "old" for Amy, Ken and Klien's sexual fantasies.


hey guys, I'm gonna start using clothes and return them. I think the original poster might even *** in his underwear and return those!

yeah, you can't returned used clothes. that's why you try it on at the store or at least at home. if it doesn't fit or you don't like it, return it right away so the store can resell it.

they don't return certain things so they don't have people like you taking advantage of the return policy. oh and I can't wait for Amy, Klein and Ken to get a hard on for JCPenney's and talk like little kids about it when they read this Target return story.


You bought cheap junk and then acted surprised when it turned out to be cheap junk. You're lucky Target was even willing to exchange it. They should've shown you the door.


You ripped a cheap shirt ($9 is officially the cheapest shirt I've ever heard of) and want your money back for a used, stinky, dirty, damaged piece of clothing? Really? no...really!!???


Yes, you can't wear stuff then expect your money back, where have you been?


so u wore it and damaged it and then wanted to return it? that is fraud.

you got use of it and when u got tired of it u wanted a full refund. it is customers like you that is why they have return policies in effect

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