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8801 NE Hazel Dell Ave

Vancouver, WA 98665

Complaint date: 2/22/12 REC#2-202053-1883-0084-1155-0, VCD#759-255-147.

I have a complaint about your store, Vancouver NW.

I shopped at Target for 8 Kellogg's cereals, 1 Post cereal + 1 Silk milk, and a few small items. I'd encountered poor customer service, harassment and misinterpretation of the store coupon policy by the HR Manager (cashier) and a Customer Service person. I was harassed with regards to my use of 2 Kellogg's $4/4 cereal purchase stating that I could only use 1 coupon per one item. Are you serious? Then I was questioned about my purchasing a Post cereal with a Silk milk, applying the "Target" Buy 1 each get $2 off coupon + the ALLOWED stacking of One manufacturer coupon per Post Cereal and Silk. In fact, I was harassed when using all of my coupons. I did not extreme shop, I had properly loaded the conveyor belt with all matching items together, I had asked the "cashier" how she wanted the coupons – during the process to match the items or after? She wanted all "now", at the beginning of the transaction, and then after loading the bags with the merchandise and placing them in my cart she read each and every single coupon and asked me to pull items out of my bags so that she could very them. What? Along with the cereal and milk, I had 4 identical John Frieda products with coupons, 2 Ocean Spray Craisins with coupons, Purell 8 oz. with coupons, and one clearance item of self laminating tags for $2.06. it took 15 minutes to complete this process because she challenged size (Craisins and Purell were on sale using YOUR store coupon and product on YOUR shelves; John Frieda coupons stated ANY FULL SIZE PRODUCT and those 4 identical items were what I had found in your clearance bin). She proceeded to physically examine each of the IDENTICAL John Frieda products that were in see-through packaging. This was clearly harassment. I also grabbed 2 Vaseline lotion that your cashier stated was the wrong size for the $1 off coupon to apply. I stated that 4 different cashiers over the course of two weeks had told me the shelves were empty of that item because that was the item that was being purchased using the coupon. The HR Manager told me she would take me to the shelf to purchase a large item. I refused, saying it was too expensive. She reiterated her statement. I refused and told her "I'm not buying something more expensive" and pulled the lotion out of the bag.

In the end, after a long 15 minutes and people grumbling and stepping out of line because your HR Manager either did not know what she was doing with regards to the coupon policy, or she did know and was harassing me as she reviewed every single coupon including Target coupons, or both, it was a dissatisfying visit and emotionally draining due to the embarrassment and frustration caused by your employee.

This situation needs to be rectified by having your employees properly re-trained in good customer service and have them understand the coupon policy. Many of us couponers shop responsibly to feed our families and our communities and your employees actions seem to be that of someone who does not approve of couponing or couponers. I have half a mind to take all of my family's shopping needs to Walmart and report this incident to Kellogg's, John Frieda, Post and Silk for your employee's harassment in not wanting to accept my coupons on valid items during YOUR sale with YOUR store web coupons. I am sure ready to post this on the many websites that have Target complaints because, unlike other stores, you do not have a direct link to complaints wherein you would be willing to resolve issues.

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I don't know about US, but here in Canada a parent can use reasonable force if someone is hurting their child and the courts won't find them guilty since they are just protecting their child.


If all you would done was have them arrested for threatening your kid than they is pretty lucky. A lot of parents would have sent people to the emergency room for messing with their child.


If you threatened my kid, I'd have you arrested. Learn the coupon policy at the stores where you shop, it will make things a lot easier for the cashier and the poor people who get stuck behind you.

Grow up!!!


If you threatened my kid, I'd have you arrested. Learn the coupon policy at the stores where you shop, it will make things a lot easier for the cashier and the poor people who get stuck behind you.

Grow up!!!


First of all do they allow the use of coupons on clearance items? Secondly, people in line were grumbling about you, not the employees explaining policy to you.


the original poster is a ***. he sounds like a typical cheap a$$hole that wants to get his way everywhere. and the Vaseline was for him and his boyfriend to lube their a$$holes.

Kirbyville, Texas, United States #442733

Looks like this "twenty year old" needs some lessons in manners herself. I agree with Tasha, checking to make sure that the coupon matched the product is not harassment.

You just threw a temper tantrum because you did not get your way. Also threatening to punch out a ten year old that is harassment. Not accepting your coupons because you are not following instructions of the coupons is not harassment. Telling someone to STFU is rude.

Telling you "no" is not rude. The "adult" who posted this complaint should be ashamed of themselves.

Kirbyville, Texas, United States #442730

I am not seven. I am not in the first grade.

As a matter of fact there was one customer grumbling and telling her child that I was wrong and rude. I threatened to punch out her child who was about ten years old. Now if I were really seven would I threaten to punch out a ten year old?

I am 20 years old. STFU.

Kirbyville, Texas, United States #442729

You were not harassed or treated rudely. They were just going policy.

Just because you did not get your way does not mean that they were rude.

How are you going to take all those boxes home anyway? I assume that you are only seven years old and too young to drive.


People like you are ruining coupons for everyone. Plain and simple.

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