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In the Sunday ad, Target advertised a storage bin for lounge chair pads. When i asked where they were, the manager told me he only had 2 and sold out of them.

I asked for a rain check, he said he doesn't give that. I asked when are you getting more in, he said he didn't know when or if they are. He was so cocky and arrogant. I didn't even know he was the manager until I asked to speak to one and he said he was one.

When i left I stopped and the customer service counter and asked for a card to their complaint department, and told her the story, she was so nice, and said of course you can have a rain check and gave me one.

I still called their customer service and got a poor english speaking person, whom I barely understood, she took my report, didn't ask me for my name address or phone #, and she said she will report the incident. Thats it?? Why did I waste my time even calling, Target obviously doesn't care how their customers are treated.

I always hated Target and their policies. This just confirms why.

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You're mad because they didn't take your name, address, or phone number when you complained? Why would they need that?

They logged your complaint and will take further action if they deem it necessary.

It sounds like you just expected them to send you a check for your troubles. Nice try, but I don't think so.

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