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My service dog Zoey (Chihuahua dog) and I went to our local target store in West Covina California to do some shopping. My dog was sitting in the front of the cart on her clean little bed/mat covered up with my sweater.

My dog is very skittish and is afraid to walk on a leash in a store. My dog is a very well mannered and very friendly. A lot of customers came up to me and Zoey and they were petting her and admiring how good she was and how friendly she was. Not one time did my dog ever bark in the store or show any kind of aggression whatsoever.

After being in the store for about an hour or so a Target employee approached me and told me that I wasn't allowed to have my dog in the store unless she was a service animal. I informed the employee that indeed my dog was a service animal and was registered. My dog was not wearing a vest or a caller indicating that she was a service animal but the law says that it's not necessary or required. The employee began to insult me telling me that only blind people and people that are disabled and can't walk are allowed to have service animals in their store.

This employee insisted that my dog had to wear a vest or a collar with the registration ID information on it. I told her that the law did not require that she wears anything of that nature. And that it was against the law to question me about my disability. This employee persisted with arguing with me about what she thinks the law says.

She then gets on her walkie-talkie and calls another employee over to me where I was being questioned and harassed by this first employee. She was Telling the second person that I the customer "claims" to have my dogs certificate but that it was probably fake and that showing A copy of my certificate on my phone wasn't legal. I explained to the second person that my dog was a service animal and I showed her her certificate that I had on my phone. In the background the first rude employee was telling me that I'm not supposed to have it on my phone and kept insinuating that my certificate was fraudulent.

This second employee was much nicer than the first one that approached me. And she informed the first employee that my certificate was real and she verified it. But the first rude employee kept insinuating that my certificate was fraudulent and that I shouldn't be allowed in the store with my dog. The Second employee apologize to me about the rude behavior of the first employee And thanked me for showing her the certificate and allowed me to continue my shopping trip.

At this point I became very up set. I walked over to the service desk and asked to speak to their store manager. The manager came over to speak to me and I explained the situation to her telling her how humiliated I was, and that I was being called a liar by the first employee that I was very upset and that they need to educate their employees about the law regarding service animals. The manager was very nice, she remembered me from the day before when I was in the store shopping and she asked me if my dog was a service animal and I told her that she was and she said ok that's fine and I continued shopping without incident.

This manager apologized over and over and said that she would Address the situation with the employees. At this point I was still upset feeling very humiliated so I went over to the food court and sat for a few minutes to get my thoughts collected. After feeling a little better I proceeded to finish my shopping. I had in my cart close to $300.00 Worth of merchandise that I was going to purchase.

I had some things I wanted to try on in the dressing room so as I was walking over to the dressing room to try some items on I was approached by a man in a very aggressive manner and he asked me if my dog was a service animal. I was appalled because I had already went through this with three other employees. I asked him who he was if he was a manager of the store or what and he replied that he was head of loss prevention. So now I'm being questioned by this man of "authority" their head person in their loss prevention department.

As I'm trying to show him my certificate he began insisting that I get my dog out of the cart. I told him I would as soon as I showed him her certificate which he asked for. I then became very frightened because of the mannerism of this person from loss prevention. I was in fear that I would be apprehended and tackled by this person because I didn't get my dog out when I was ordered to do so.

He then got on his walkie-talkie and was calling for backup. He kept ordering me to get my dog out of the cart and that she wasn't allowed in there because they have food in the store. I told him are you kidding me a baby in diapers that leak *** and urine are much dirtier than my dog sitting on her clean Matt was.

He became much more aggressive and wouldn't allow me to show him her certificate and ordered me to get her out of the cart and to leave the store. I was so upset and afraid so I grabbed my dog left my items I was going to purchase and I left the store as ordered in fear of being harmed by this loss prevention employee.

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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The party of your story that I find strange is that you were allowing customers to pet your dog. I have known several people with legitimate service animals over the years and a consistent rule among them was that the dog should not be pet while it is working.

I also have a service animal, but I do not have a disability. I inherited her owner who did have a disability passed away, so, yes, my dog is certified as a service animal, and I have her certificate, but for me she is just a pet and I do not bring her into stores with me because it would be fraudulent to do so.


Your not hurting my feelings at all, your entitled to your opinion and I respect that. Unless you know me and my disability just don't be so quick to judge!


Lawyer up you have a case....Sorry target this is gonna cost you alot of money.

to Anonymous Los Angeles, California, United States #1069239

Thank you for your advise. I wasn't sure what to do about this horrible treatment so I started here.

We'll see if Target responds.

And what their response is. Thanks for the comment.

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