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I do not feel bad for target employees that had to work on thanksgiving! I work in health care and we work 24/7.

We dedicate our lives to help others! I also had to work midnights on thanksgiving. And no it was not overtime! So I did not get to participate in the Black Friday sales.

There was 1 item I wanted to get my daughter. At 3 am I called target in Cheektowaga and spoke to store mgr jason. He would not do anything to help me. Actually was very rude about it!

Then I spoke to the mgr in orchard park. He was going to make an exception but then decided not to. He said they were only for the people in the store. The store has been open for 9 hours and they still have them!!

Give me a break!

I will not shop there again!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Firemen, policemen, EMTs, soldiers, teachers . .

. did I miss any profession where the people give their lives to help others? No? Just checking.

Do you throw your "sacrifice" in the faces of people you "help?" I really hope not. I'm sure your kid will live without some overpriced toy.


No one feels sorry for you either, honey. Just like you dedicate your life to help others, retail workers dedicate their lives to make customers like you happy, and no, I don't work for Target.

to Grow up Orange, California, United States #909768

I like your last sentence, I like how these children ASSume that people who point out the truth and flaws in the reviews work for Target. Most stories on here are about people who mistake being told no for rudeness.

For example they return an item after the 90 day return policy, they ask if the store can change the rules just for them, they are told no, and they mistake that no as rudeness. Sometimes I wonder if the people complaining are six years old? They sure act that way.

Also by their ASSumptions regular members of this site work for various companies because they point out the truth and flaws of other companies. It is not only Target that this happens to it is other stores.

to KevinRichards #909784

I have also bashed OP's for their childish complaints about other companies like Kohl's and Walmart. I also love how people say they're never shopping at Target or any other company again just because they were told the rules can't be changed just for them, but everyone knows they'll be back and making yet another scene because they didn't get their way.

to Grow up Orange, California, United States #909997

I wonder if some of these people who post, if they even passed kindergarten. I can see a six year old thinking being told no is rude, but an adult.

Then there is this person who made a complaint to Walmart, she admitted to calling her children names because she was angry at the company, then she claimed she never made that post, well the username and town was the same. But you can clearly tell she was lying because she claimed two employees took a television set out of her cart without telling her why, then she says they told her it was recalled, then she again says they never told her why they took the television out of the cart, well if they told her they took the television out of the cart because it was recalled they gave her a reason, so her saying they did not explain why is a lie.

They think they are smart and can fool everyone. A lot of times people here say one thing then in a reply they change their story, and when caught they claim that they were impersonated, or hacked or their spouse, child made the post.

Orange, California, United States #908152

Are you sure you are even old enough to work? You seem to mistake being told no for rudeness.

Are you the same registered nurse who kept posting reviews on this site claiming she is better than everyone else because she makes more money and should get preferred treatment? I think you are that same registered nurse who is a spoiled brat and thinks everyone should revolve around her.

It has been five years since you wrote your reviews about how you are more special than others and you still have not grown up. PS do you still beat your daughter.


No one feels bad for you either. Just like the target employees you choose that job with those hours.

Just because you're in the medical profession doesn't mean you get special treatment.

If you can't make it to the sale you don't get the sale item. Maybe if you had some friends you could have had one of them pick up the item for you...

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