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TARGET SUCKS!!!I will never shop there again!!

Ok soa few weeks ago I bought bath towels at the Target store in Phila Pa. When I brought them home I realized they did not match my new wallpaper, so I returned themand bought new ones. In the mean time my estranged X bought our 2 yr old son a remote control truck (TARGET). It worked for 3 hours and died so I put it back in the original packaging and went to Target with the hopes of swapping it for a new one.

I encountered the rudest customer service rep who informed me that my drivers license was over the $70 yearly return. I told her I didn't want a refund or store credit just a the same toy that wors.The manager cae out and would not replace the defective toy and told me tocall customer service who also informed aount their "policy". At this point I wasted my time, traveling expense and my son was crying because we saw the same toy truc on the shelf and they would not back there product and allow y to swap the defective ty for the same new truck.

This is disgusting...why should I get penalized for shopping there alot...So they are not liable to assume responsibility for selling defective products???


Review about: Target Manager.

Monetary Loss: $14.


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If you use a remote control car for three hours straight it will fry the componants and cease to work. Remote control cars are to be played with and enjoyed for 20 minutes, then given rest for 15 or more minutes for the mechanics to cool and rest. Like I said earlier, if you use it for a constant amount of time (3 hours) it will fry the mechanics and cease to work...


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“I am the person who wrote this and the moral of the story was that I DID NOT HAVE A RECEIPT B/C it was a GIFT!!!”

Okay, I got that from your OP; did you have a “Gift Receipt”? That’s a yes/no answer.

If the answer is ‘no’, have the person that purchased the item give it to you, or loan you the original purchase receipt. Yes, it’s that simple…

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Name calling here is not going to help your case. In fact it paints you as the type of person who no one wants to help voluntarily.

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“OHH and by the way children get attached to things and cry (spoiled or not that's not your place to label) you over zealous pompous twits!!!!”

More name calling? Really!?!

Final thoughts. Using CAPITALS in your messages suggests that you are shouting at us. Not only is this unhelpful, it strongly suggests that is how you treated the TMs at Target that are paid to listen and serve you. Spoilt or not, you are also sending a very poor message to your toddler, who will observe and use your behavior to shape their own life. Pity.


there is a song:

it goes something like this:

"you don't always get what you want..."

by the stones,

everybody now, sing it!

"you don't always get what you want..."



Lol, get a life.

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The point is Cathy, this person does not love her two year old son enough to buy another truck.She would rather not cave in to them and let them win than care how her child feels.

I hope her extranged ex gets custody of this child because she is no way fit to be a mother.She puts her needs ahead of her child's and blames others.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #140937

I am disgusted with some of the comements here.Calling a two year old ugly names, saying he will probably sell the toy for crack when he is older.

Those who posted those comments should be disgusted with themselves saying such horrible things about a two year old child. He is not a spoiled brat, he is just acting like a two year old. Those of you calling him a spoiled brat for crying over a toy obviously don't have children.

As for the poster, yes usually companies back up their product, however the fact remains that you went over they $70 yearly return policy. I was not there but I am guessing that their "rudeness" was not caving in to you.

Target did make your two year old cry, but well it is their policy to have a maximum of $70 a year of returns without receipt.You are not being penilized for shopping the often, you are being penilized for making too many returns without a receipt.

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I am the person who wrote this and the moral of the story was that I DID NOT HAVE A RECEIPT B/C it was a GIFT!!! and the toy was defective..meaning it did not work...usually companies back their products ...I work hard for my money...I if i buy something it is with the anticipation that it actually works. To just buy another is letting Big Business take consumer money and relinquish and and all reponsibilities there after...LEMON LAW >>>RING A BELL IDIOTS!!!OHH and by the way children get attached to things and cry (spoiled or not that's not your place to label) you over zealous pompous twits!!!!


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“Wow, those responses ARE pretty mean.”

Citation needed.

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“I've never seen such a collection of pompous, self-righteous idiots.”

Then you must be new at this forum. Whiny selfish victims are treated as adults here.

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“Send her to jail for not having receipts! Call her a thief and laugh because her two-old is crying!”

Citation needed.

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“Do you think anybody who is trying to rip off Target by returning merchandise would be taking the time to write about it here?”

No, but then again you’ve missed the point. Reread the OP and comments again.

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“Think if you have the ability people.”

Suppose we don’t have your thinking ability. Why don’t you share your view of the situation at a level we can comprehend? Start by explaining why Target is wrong and this person is right. Provide details of how the rules made by Target are to be bent or broken in this case, and not in every case. Justify why a spoiled two year old child with a bad mother can cry their way into a reward (new toy), while the mother fails to see how this behavior is building a parenting time bomb for the years ahead.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #140331

Not Me

The point is if they make an exception for her they have to do the same for everyone.This "mother" needs to grow up and keep track of her receipts.

I bet she often loses her child and needs someone to page a code adam.I just hope she is better in keeping track of her child than her receipts.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #140329


The mom need to be careful.Just because she has a two year old does not mean she gets special treatment.

She has to follow the rules like everyone else.She is the immature one using her child in pity.

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