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I ordered an Eddie Bauer diaper bag online from Target. When the bag arrived, I noticed it was different from the bag advertised online.

I called customer service and notified them that either the picture online is wrong or they senr me the wrong bag. They admitted that the picture online was wrong. I asked if they could send me a return postage because I live 2 hours away from the nearest Target. They said no.

They said I would need to pay to ship it or return it at the nearest Target. I told them that, because it was THEIR mistake, not mine, they should pay for return shipping. They refused.

So, I had to pack up my newborn baby and drive in a car for FOUR HOURS because Targert refused to take responsibility for THEIR mistake. I will never make the mistake of ordering from Target again.

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and Jedi, don't forget that he keeps insisting that people need help when he's the one that's already receiving it.


Jedi, you have to remember that anonymous goes around and stalks the people that don't agree with the original poster. as far as I've seen, there's more people that disagree with the many ridiculous complaints rather than agree.

so I'm sure anonymous has gotten you mixed up with someone else because they're really anal with people that don't agree with the complaint.

I mean he/she even thinks MrsLea01 is right, that shows how sick they are. I also have a feeling that ball rubber could be one of his/her good buddies.


All day, everyday, when I get up in the morning, I slide my big fat pink choad in my girlfriends browneye. We go to target and we both get but nude and *** on the floor while smearing target brand pb and j on each others privates and licking it off while chanting, "I got a Target for ya, in my butt."


Apparently anonymous has poor reading skills because he keeps insisting that I have changed my name. Not to forget he has grammar errors himself.


yeah I'd hate to say it buddy but you're going after the babies now.


Oh, IHate...,

Now it's the babies??????

How truly sad!

Please get some help. You don't even have to tell anyone about it, just, go!


well you didn't leave much to reply to which is the case with your last comment. which by the way is mostly creepy smiley faces.

I imagine they're directed towards the original poster. are you excited to hear that she was buying a diaper bag?

I guess the original poster has a kid so I'm sure you'll be all over that! anonymous stalker's face after reading that part > ;)


Oh, now! That's a good one!!!!!!!!! :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin


take your own advice, loser.



Calm down.


@IHateStupidCustomers Nah, I'm not Mr./Ms./Mrs. Mississippi.

I'm in Missouri while Anonymous is in Mississippi.

I post here a few times before.

My whole tone and sentence structure is nothing like Anonymous. :)


@Jedi Knight Ethan Lol, I'm just messing around. Don't take things so seriously all the time. :)


when has Jedi ever changed their name..? and if Anonymous loser insulted people that were ignorant then they'd be insulting the original posters not the commenters that usually have common sense until a creepy old anonymous guy comes around harassing people and trying to get in the pants of the original poster by sticking up for them.

although, Jedi, I'd be careful too because you don't know what the intentions of Mr. (or maybe Ms.) Mississippi are. all I have to say is watch out for this online predator. as for Thi, he probably is Mr.

Mississippi. that's why he stays anonymous, so he can post as individual people so it seems like he has people agreeing with him.


Jedi, Did you stomp your little feet when you threw this tantrum?

BTW: Do they have any English teachers left in Canada?


I see "Thi" is also a child, turning this into a game.


Like I said you are the one who is ignorant. You leave capital letters out of beginning sentences you dummy.

Anonymous face it you are a dummy. Just like the OP.


The anonymous poster from Ocean Springs, Mississippi is very brave for calling out other members and then cowering behind the wall of anonymity.


lol. Anonymous: 1 Jed Knight Ethan: 0



No, actually, I only insult people who are as ignorant as you.

BYT: Your last comment was a question. Please end it with a question mark, dummy.

"...common sense"? Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :grin :grin

Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :zzz :zzz


I will only use one username. Unlike you who goes by anonymous and Lizard Lick/Moon Hollow.

The others you have posted are not the ones who are discredited.

It is Mrslea and mad michael who are discredited. Seriously do you go around insulting everyone who has common sense.

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