I was shopping at my local Target store, where I saw they had a DVD on sale for a show called "*** as Folk". The suggestive nature of the DVD made me curious.

When I returned home, the trouble began.

I began to "experiment". At first with pickles, but later, with carrots, hot dogs, and finally, a cucumber. I began to go to "alternative clubs" around my area.

I engaged in "nocturnal activities" with many "temporary acquaintances" I currently have Herpes, and my parents have disowned me. I think Target should give me two $400 gift cards for all the pain and suffering they put me through.

Further, I think they should put this DVD in some kind of locked case to dissaude any other young people like myself from a lifestyle that is both degenerate and dangerous. Thank you

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Gift Card.

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Scranton, Pennsylvania, United States #724917
:grin :grin :grin Now that's funny! I'm bahhaa trying to share this on f-book.

they won't let me. haha.

Can you say LOSER !!

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #131223

Oh, man you should have just got a vibrator like everyone else does when watching that video.


????????? huh????

what on earth were u thinking? this is sick


You're a dumbshit, and you're not very funny.


The DVD set in question was a very popular series that ran for five seasons on Showtime, and is currently running (in edited, censored form) on the Logo cable channel. It wasn't a bad show...however, most viewers would not do what you described in your post.

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