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Placed an order with Target.com. They sent the wrong item.

They acknowledged that they sent the wrong item. Normal process: I return the item, they get it back, then send out the new one. It was time sensitive to me so I asked them to send a new one, which I would pay for, so it would be in transit ASAP, then give me a refund for the original when it got back to them. No risk to them, but got things going faster.

The operator wouldn't do it. No change from the process, not even with no risk to them, was allowed. Finally the 'top level manager that you can speak with by phone' agreed to do it. They, however, would not pay to expedite it to arrive in time.

Acknowledge their mistake, 'wished they could do it'. Couldn't expedite the processing time, wouldn't expedite ANYTHING. My choice: pay more than the item is worth to get it in time, or have it arrive very, very late and break a kids' heart. Then she got snippy because I was taking her time.

What kind of person or company will admit fault and refuse to fix it.

We're only talking about a few dollars. Customer service fail, customer lost.

Monetary Loss: $20.

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