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A coworker who had notified upper managemnet that Her Father was terminally ill a month in advance was sitting in the breakroom one day

When I asked about His condition, which I did every day and upper management did not, she told me that Her Dr. told her to get Home ASAP because He did not have much time it was GRAVE!

I asked Her why she was still here, she said management was waiting for a fax from the Dr. to verify.

She started to sob and said she was afraid to go in fear of losing Her job!

I told Her to go and that I would take the heat for the decision ,which I did!

Not the first time that it has happened.

What is wrong with this?

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I am also in management for a large corporation and I would NEVER dream of doing such a thing to another human being. My family is extremely important to me ....

if I was told i had to wait - I would leave - no questions asked - there are plenty of jobs but i only have one father. I have always made it my policy that when there is a family emergency to be tended to I let you leave without hesitation and deal with recovering the 'PROOF' after the fact if I feel it is necessary. So as they are leaving I may ask them to - at some point - just have the family doctor fax me something or bring me something from a funeral home (if it is that type of situation) when they get the opportunity to tend to it - as long as it is done in a reasonable amount of time (3 days max). Because I am well aware that 1 person short is not going to make or break me and that moments like those are hard enough without having the threat of losing your job held over your head.

Plus - your employees just might respect you a litle more. I know that if i kept someone from going to be with a family member that was GRAVELY ill and they got there too late because of me - I would have a hard time sleeping for quite a while.

Furnas, Azores, Portugal #51054

How cold hearted can you people be?..As scarce as jobs are now had she left without getting that note she probably wouldn't of had a job to come back to..she had to choose between staying employed a must have and being with her dying Father that in itself is a very hard thing to live through..her Boss was an ***... kudos to her coworker for being human..

Saginaw, Michigan, United States #50853

Sorry about your co workers father, but have to side w/ bosses too. once had a cook that her mother died 3 times and her son who also worked for us never went to one of her funerals. guess who stayed on and who was let go

to Marjorie #587533

You are a poor excuse for upper management. People are individuals and verifications should be treated as such.

You should have figured it after the first time ..

not the third time. Glad I dont work for you.


"What is wrong with this?"

Simple, someone is unable to make relative value judgements. Your co-worker should see that her job is of minor importance to a life-change such as a terminally ill relative.

Have your co-worker contact the LOD, notifying the LOD of the situation. Put it in writing, send a letter to the LOD, and have your co-worker take care of his or her family family, When the situation changes, and your co-worker is ready to return to work, contact the LOD again, and do it in writing. If the co-worker is in good standing with Target the job will be open.

The paper rail (letters) will both remind the LOD - who is undoubtably busy, and back up any further discusion as needed. You should not "take the heat" - this is for your co-worker to resolve in person.

Naha-Shi, Okinawa, Japan #50425

Is your co-worker 7 years old? Idiots.

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