Over the years i've spent a lot of money at target. No longer will they have me as a customer.

I bought a DVD player there and it quit working 3 DAYS after i got it. I took it back and they would not give me my money back or give me in store credit. I was livid. So, I looked at the return clerk, right into her snaggle toothed face and said, YOU CAN KEEP THIS PEICE OF ***!!

And I shoved the DVD box at her. I walked through the store for 5 minutes saying loudly, "I'm not shopping here anymore because they sell *** here." A few people looked at me and I just kept saying, "this place sells ***, then won't give you your money back." After that, I asked to see the store manager. A tall motard walked up to me. "Can I help you he asked?" I said, "Are you the store manager?" He replied, "I'm the front end manager." Great I thought, here's a completely *** illiterate ogre that's going to "help me." I repeated the dilemma of ME NOT GETTING MY MONEY BACK.

He was so thoughtfull to go and get me the 1 800 number to where the *** ever to call. I repeated my dilemma and still he referred me to the 800 number.

I looked up at him and said, "I'M NEVER SHOPPING HERE AGAIN!" I took the peice of paper he gave me with the number on it and ripped it up and threw it down on the ground in front of him. I continued to walk out of the store saying loudly that I was never shopping there again, while making contact will the quasi yuppie customers coming in.

I have not been back to target.

There are plenty of other places to buy homogenized garbage.

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Manager.

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Lemont Furnace, Pennsylvania, United States #16498

Well, aren't you a ***! Taking out all your anger on people who weren't even at fault.

You should have called the *** number: do you really think that the poor woman at guest service you screamed at had anything to do directly with your problem? She only WORKS there, and it's HER misfortune that she had to put up with a screaming piece-of-trash *** like yourself while she was simply trying to do her job.

You're getting angry at the wrong people, lady. Next time, call the number.

And by the way, Target will not miss having the likes of YOU enter their stores.

Rockville Centre, New York, United States #5707

well, trust me, target gets plenty of business. one customer, probably not even ten customers, will effect that.

i'm sure it's just one less immature, bad-tempered customer they have to deal with.

Conway, Massachusetts, United States #3046

TARGET SUCKS. I will never shop there again. Walmart gets my full business now.

Uh hello? Target makes billions and billions of dollars a year.

They can afford not to have your money.

:) My brother works at Target. He says eat it...
Carson, California, United States #2315

Target also now refuses to exchange merchandise without a receipt. I needed to exchange some Christmas gifts for my toddler for a larger size and was turned down.

They allow you to exchange up to $20 over a 12 month period, tracked by you drivers license. The truly infuriating thing was that I was ready to buy an extra $200 worth of clothing but left it all behind after the manager refused to exchange the extra six dollars that was over my limit.

You'd think with all that tracking technology they could look up my credit card number, recognize how much I've dropped in their store each year, and give me the *** six bucks. I'm never going back.

Brea, California, United States #2261

Actually Target's policy makes complete sense to me. It's called a safety blanket mrs.

And their policy is actually more flexible than most. Wal-Mart is losing so much money that they are considering to change to a similiar policy.

Ofcourse they offer receipt look up, and gift receipt print out.

But when i had a problem and i called guest relations they were very helpful and i got a full refund.

Anchorage, Alaska, United States #2103
I wont shop their either but the funny thing is they TRULY don't care and it shows by there return policy . But the great thing is there are better places to shop I have come to realize that sell exactly the same things and even better.
So I am pretty content with the outcome.
Cave Creek, Arizona, United States #1962

I am never shopping at Target either after what amounts to a $20.00 difference in an exchange on some DVD's they would not do for me... You can see my letter under T for Target.

You have to click on the big RED TARGET and there are several stories.

Although the spiteful person inme wants to send them an email every day for a month just to use up $20.00 in some poor employees salery at guest relations... What relations they don't care....

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