My wife and I spend 6k a year at target. I tried to return a poorly working steam cleaner.

I happened to pay cash. I lost the receipt. The best the would do is trade it for another item in the same department. I didn't want anything else.

Target corporate wouldn't help me. We were very loyal customers. I cannot believe they wouldn't just give me store credit. I hate Walmart but the at least know where their money comes from.

Target corporate is do narrow minded.

What are the thinking in the head office? Test test

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Norfolk, Virginia, United States #627751

Here's the policy for you (if you can't tell from my nickname I am a guest services trainer). Target will return any new or lightly used items within 90 days with a receipt or the card you paid with.

If you paid cash and lost your receipt anything under 75 dollars within a fiscal year can be be returned for the lowest sale price on a gift card. If the item is higher than 75 dollars you must exchange for an item in the same department for an item of equal or greater value. It's to protect target from return scams where we lose more money than you could ever spend in the store in an entire year, guarantee it.

We have one of the most 'lax return policies compared to other companies. If the item is defective might i suggest calling the manufacture.

to gstrainer New Orleans, Louisiana, United States #628047

Well, I suggest you shop at another store. Even though gstrainer "thinks" Target is wonderful with their return policy, there are many, many stores who do not impose such ridiculous stipulations on a return.

Target is a terrible, terrible place to shop and you won't regret staying away from that place. You know they gotta be thinking, "$100.00 vs. 6k".

Hmmmmmm. Good return rate!


I truly don't understand the crazy mind set of Target corporate. They have lost many, many high paying customers over a small return.

They have this "thing" about a lost receipt, and will not yield their position under any circumstances. I am not particularly fond of Wal-Mart either, but no one will ever encounter a denial of a return for not having a receipt. They treat customers like criminals who stole the product we try to return for problems/defects.

This treatment is very common and it would be helpful to let your family, freinds and acquaintences how you were treated at Target. Please warn them not to shop there - for any reason - for anything.

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