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Was 1 pmt behind, my bad but took care of it. They said I would need to make 2 pmts which would take care of this & next months.

Did it, then they moved the pmt due date up 1 week. Thinking to pay the pmt on the usual date I was late again and they slapped another late fee. Would not take it off even though the previous rep said "oh don't worry". Liers!

I went to pay what I had to to keep my AAA credit so they managed to steel 35.00 from me. How many people do they do this to a month....

Monetary Loss: $35.

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Maybe people will believe you and pay more attention to you if you knew how to spell, it is liar not lier, it is steal not steel. Maybe you needed someone to read the due date for you because clearly your English skills are poor.

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