My daughter and her fiancee work at the Target store in Leesburg, VA.Things were okay until the new HR Manager Megan Johnson came there.

She hired one of her friends, some 31 year old guy that thinks he can now hit on the young women that work there. He comes up behind my daughter while she is working cashier and says, "Don't tell your man, but I'm coming after you." She is shocked and tells her fiancee that works at the store. He is a great guy and courteous to everyone. So he sees this as a threat to her and sexual harassment by the employee handbook and tells this creep to please not say anything to her that is not work related.

This guy goes ballistic and starts screaming "You don't know who I am and what I can do. I'll f**k you up." The young man goes from there to the HR Manager Megan Johnson and makes the report. She calls this creep in. The calls the young man in and tells him she is suspending him for being the "aggressor" to the 31 year old guy.

What!!! she tells my daughter that she isn't doing anything about the sexual harassment because the guy is "new". What!!! So 3 days later she calls the young man back in and tells him he is first of all fired and secondly that if he is ever seen on Target property again he will be arrested.

And the creep that feels he can hit on all the young girls gets nothing and according to Megan Johnson, HR Manager at the Leesburg VA store, all the girls should take anything he wants to say to them because he is "new". Needless to say, Corporate Target was contacted and a complaint was made. I told the Senior HR person, Dylan< that my take on this is that the creep and the HR Manager are friends or engaged in some other relationship and he agreed. We shall see if the senior HR Department in Target takes this seriously.

I told them they should or I'm coming to that store with the police, a lawyer, and Channel 5 News to find out why my daughter was threatened and nothing was done except the firing of the employee that reported the sexual harassment.I do have the direct line to the Target HR Dept if anyone needs it.

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I am sure there is more to this story than what the daughter is telling you.


I was unfairly removed frm the job as acashier in 2010 as a prejudice and personal reasons Iam physically not 100 0/o but was performing my duties to best of my abilities i informes my situation to the hr manager he did tell all mr.LOD's but MR John did not agree and tried to his his Hr.

manager (Mr. Bruce) I did call the direct hot line and explain the situation to ms Heather but nothing was done about me .Finally i was fired as a vendatta.The management is very rude unfair and use minority as their personal property. Pl.

is there anybody who can take care of the poor employees and let the atmosphere be friendly and fair.:sigh


Quote = “SomeGuy”

The "LODs" (I never understood why they can't just say "manager")

LOD is shorthand for leader on duty. The role can only be held by one person at any given time, and is handed off from one ETL (executive Team lead) to another ETL as needed. This ensures that there is only one person responsible for any decisions or problems at the store. A manager (or many managers) does not have the same role as the single LOD. Similarly, Sears uses the term MOD (Manager On Duty) for the same role.

But of course you knew this as you attended basic TM training when you took the job.


Store 1874 is a serious cult.All management is, is a cult that sucks up to the *** in corporate.

The "LODs" (I never understood why they can't just say "manager") all stand around in circles and look in opposite directions as though they're attempting to look intimidating. Megan Johnson is one of leads one of the most mediocre management teams in the history of retail.

Matt Thomas and Debbie C.also need to start being a little more professional and a little less personal.


looking to transfer to Evansville target...

any problems at that location?


Hi I too work @ T1874 and all the E-TL's are really nice to everyone, and if you were succesful in getting the problem to court target would win hands down, also I know megan and she would never fire someone without a good reason and she must've had one to fire him. I Will always stand behind my fellow TM's no matter what but if they decide to act like a Jack*** then they're on their own.


i work at t1874 and let me tell ya, favoritism runs wild. it's just like any other company i guess, but it does suck when someone is wronged and they just cover it up.



for all of you that were so motivated to respond...be it known that my phone call WAS taken and the response from Target Corporation was very different than your "do nothing" attitudes.”

Just to clarify, you placed a phone call to Mr.Gregg Steinhafel, chairman, president, and chief executive officer of Target Corporation?

Did Mr.Steinhafel personally take your call?


for all of you that were so motivated to respond...be it known that my phone call WAS taken and the response from Target Corporation was very different than your "do nothing" attitudes.The incident and Megan Johnson are currently being investigated.

The security tapes and witness statements will have to be produced and these will support the statements of two great employees.

It is sad when people that post themselves as "TEAM" and "LEADERS" suck up to the store and don't support each other.You are not LEADERS...you are just Target PUPPETS...go sit in the CLEARANCE section with the other unwanted TOYS...employees have RIGHTS not STRINGS!!



“I would never sacrifice my integrity or sense of humanity to be a suck up to Target.”

No one asked you to do that, did they?


“I hope you get that raise...”

That makes no sense whatsoever. I’m contributing to this forum on my own time. I’m neither compensated nor endorsed by my employer to waste my time here.


“or maybe Target will let you be a greeter...oh sorry, wrong store”

Ah yes, your sense of entitlement raises it head again. As soon as someone challenged you to provide some facts about your drama you immediately switched to name calling, didn’t you? Hmm. This is from an HR professional? Someone that claims they can pick up the phone and speak directly to the company CEO? Seems a bit unlikely to me.

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