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I have never been late on my payments to Target and realized the day it was due that I had forgotten to process it through billpay. When the payment online was giving me trouble, I processed it through billpay which takes 48 hours to cut the check and get it to the store.

Having already paid through bill pay they called me on Saturday morning 2 days after I was officially late to ask for payment. When I denied them payment because of billpay, they continued to harass me all weekend, calling 4-5 times per day.

Even after I told them not to, they continued! I will never shop there again and I will be cancelling my credit card this morning!

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Quote = “Stephanie_b”

“I have never been late on my payments to Target”

Just to clarify, what are you paying and to whom? Target Brands (the retail stores) does not offer installment payments of any kind, did you mean Target “RedCard”? There are three different Target Redcards offered by Target National Bank (not the retail stores). REDcard: Target® Visa® Credit Card, Target Credit CardSM and Target Check Card.SM

Quote = “Stephanie_b”

“I will never shop there again and I will be cancelling(sic) my credit card this morning!”

Not shop where, exactly?

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