I used to frequently collect sports cards from this store in Bismarck. On my last occasion I was told to not TOUCH the packs of cards !!!!!!

I wasnt opening them or damaging them, just touching and feeling different packs. Well, Scott, informed me that I was not to do this and if I continued, that I would escorted out by security. I once again took a few packs out to check out what was in them and see the odds of finding deferent cards. Scott came over and told me that I had to leave and not come back.

I called Target management in Minn. and told them what had happened. They gave me the runaround, telling me to describe what had happened and they would " Document " if. HA HA HA HA Nothing came about of this.

I am Pissed that you cant even look at what you purchase in this store. I used to spend easily $150.00 a month on sports cards here, I guess my money isnt needed by Target stores since I havent come back and will not come back to the store in Bismarck. Other people have had problems with the store in Bismarck also...

thanks for listening !!!!!

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Although, it is done often by collectors in the trading card community, it is shunned by serious card collectors to "feel" the packs. Also, the odds for finding a big hit in card packs are increased when you buy blaster boxes or hobby packs.

The gravity feed packs have lower odds of finding bit hits. Hint: Stay away from the gravity feeds.

If you are looking for the big hits buy blasters or hobby boxes. They place special hits in these packages more often then in the gravity feeds.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #198884

Get your facts straight toke2, you are on private property, if they ask you to leave you leave. The police only come if you refuse to leave.

This child was not with a parent, he was not listening to what he was told and they asked him to leave. Most likely he is 12.


$150 a month!!! On Cards!!!!

You loser


you are a geek


That happened with someone at the store I work at in El Paso TX! It's funny because people go in there thinking you can open packages and test out everything before buying it.

We also no longer allow people to return any kind of trading cards either because one person opened the package put one card on top and the rest was cardboard like paper cut into the size of the cards!

That's why we make rules! To keep idiots in check!


They lied only the police can take you from a store and give a no trespass.

Catterick, England, United Kingdom #21867

We don't have any card guys like you, but we do have hot wheel collectors who stand out side the doors when we open. They then rush back and tear the place up.

messing up the aisle, buy all they can.

Sort through them, and then return the ones they dont need. We have had to put up a sign saying that Target employees are not allowed to get more cars until the intial are gone, and that we are not allowed to look for a specific design in the back

New Durham, New Hampshire, United States #18618

I am amazed that you seem surprised by their actions! You were told that if you continued to perform the action that you would have to leave.

What did you expect to happen when you picked them up again?

That they'd reward you with a free hotdog? They told you that you'd be kicked out and you can't complain about them actually caarrying out their threats.

Lemont Furnace, Pennsylvania, United States #16494

They warned you and you didn't listen, so I have absolutely no sympathy for you.

Reese, Michigan, United States #6082

1. you broke the rules I.E. opened merchadise without purchasing it.

2. you were warned to not facilitate the same action and yet, once again you did it anyway.

3. management obviously documented your previous actions, gave you fair warning and then proceeded to move the infraction to the next level upon reoccurance- removal of violator from premises..

I see nothing wrong on the part of the company protecting it's property against potential damage..

maybe you should simply LISTEN next time.

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