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I purchased a citronella candle at Target in Reston VA and brought it home, followed the instructions and ended up with 2nd degree burns after trying several times to blow it out! I had to use a fire extinguisher to get it out!

After months of treatment my eyebrow and hair came back, thank G-d! In the meantime, I personally went to the store brought in the candle and told them of the danger! Went back to the same store several days later and they were still selling them! Yikes, isn't safety an issue!!!!

I hired an attorney to get them to pull them off the shelves and they still didn't!! So, beware, please if I can save you any injury do not purchase table top citronella candles from Target!

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Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #158633

Looks like May I Help You find Something is not denying he wrote this. Perhaps he went on another "vacation" Funny how when he writes something unacceptable, or "someone else pretending to be him" writes something unacceptable he goes on vacation. First there was that "sick of *** customers" letter, now this.

Goldsboro, North Carolina, United States #157765

Actually I made this up because Target fired me and now those no good buttwipes want to sue me. They fired me for swearing to a customer who deserved it.

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