Kamuela, Hawaii
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Yesterday (Nov 5th) I purchase a half & half with the expiration date of Dec 4. I opened it up today and it was curdled so solid that it wouldn't even pour.

They must not take care of their refrigerated items. This is a warning could get someone real sick. I will never buy any refrigerated item from there again. When I called to complain to the the Manager Angel she tried to blame the source where they get it from.

She said they take care of their items..

this proves them wrong.. they are not properly handling or storing them.

Monetary Loss: $3.

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Absolutely terrible to leave a store with dated correctly but rotten food!! The bottom line ANGEL should have taken the information from the customer and pulled the rest off the shelf check the rest of the lot and report back to corporate findings!! Just fix it for the next customer!!


It is evident that someone failed along the line. This is the first time I purchased this brand (Market Pantry) so they must have brought it in from the Mainland and Target is the place where the consumer purchases so the final responsibility is on their shoulders.

My purpose for the warning is to prevent anyone from getting ill.

If it wasn't that curdled I may have consumed it and ended up in my sick bed or hospital. I am only warning consumers.


How do you know that the source that made the Half and Half didn't keep it properly refrigerated? Or that the third party warehouse didn't keep it properly refrigerated?

How do you know that the trucks that they were shipped on didn't keep it properly refrigerated? How do you even know that it was curdled due to improper refrigeration in the first place?

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