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I make it a point to buy all of my The Sims 3 games from Target because they normally give a 10 dollar gift card with purchase. So I went there this morning to pick up a new game and saw a sign underneath all of the sims pc games that read "Buy 1 get 1 50% off", so I picked up another sims game that I originally had no intentions of buying.

I got up to the front register and was told that the 50% off doesn't apply to PC games, yet it specifically said Sims 3 PC games directly underneath the product. Normally I wouldn't give a *** and just blow it off and go home, but I didn't even get my normal 10 dollar gift card! So I went home and searched online for the local ad for the target store I just shopped at. Found the section of the ad that says "Buy 1, Get 1 50% off on all The Sims 3 PC games".

So I called the store's electronics department only to be told that it doesn't apply to PC games and that there are signs all over the store stating so. REALLY?? I didn't see any signs stating that, only signs directing me to get 50% off, because I didn't know anything about the 50% off until I saw it in the store!

So apparently I'm imagining the signs in the store and the internet ad. I don't want anything they're selling from here on out.

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that's odd then, I guess the employees just couldn't read then. I don't think you can either though because what sign stated a $10 gift card?

and Anonymous, just give up while you're behind. I honestly think you don't even know what you're talking about.

Interesting how Angel76 has not commented. I hope at least she's reading these posts. ;) :)
Denver: Don't you think that the OP has at least enough intelligence to know how to approach a problem with a retailer they have been dealing with on a "normal" basis?
Do you honestly believe that you are the person to suggest how this OP needs to handle their problem? Don't you think that they tried on their own and received NO satisfaction?
Do you really think your (a) or (b) suggestions are so complex that Angel 76 couldn't think of them on her own?
Don't expect a "reasonable discourse" on when everyone that submits a complaint hereon has come to the end of their patience and are exasperated with Target.
The time for "reaonsable discourse" was at the time that the problem was presented and defended to the customer service department at the store, and customers were still told that they couldn't be helped.
I am sorry if I sound angry with Target and it reflected in my response to you. The problem is, "I am angry with Target", and my time for "reasonable discourse" has long since expired.
It is time now to agree with those who have had similiar problems and warn those who are new to this site.
Believe me, every human has the knowledge to "go on with their lives", but to make sure that their history is known and heeded, well, there is no statute of limitations on those lessons! :(

You shouldn't pay 50% more than is advertised, but should stand up for yourself should you not? Standing up for yourself can manifest itself in two ways. You can either get mad and complain about the business (resolves nothing). Or you can bring in the ad, speak to higher management, get the product you want for the advertised price and go on about your life.

The $10 dollar gift card is an occasional promotion...Just because a promotion was occuring yesterday, or the week before does not mean it will always be occuring.

Being angry and pissed about mistakes will solve nothing. There are better problem resolution steps to take than that.

And it almost seems as if you are mocking me, that really isn't necessary; if you disagree with me there are mature ways to communicate that.

Perhaps I was wrong to come to a site called pissedconsumer and expect reasonable discourse.

O.K. Let's be sure you are completely clear about how to proceed regarding this matter.

You should pay 50% more for the product you purchased, you shouldn't expect $10.00 you normally get on this purchase, you should show a "bit" of grace, accept their mistakes (which cost you out of your own pocket), bring in their ad to defend yourself, try to correct THEIR mistake, or not shop there! :p :p
Hummm, what to do?

What to do? :grin :grin

She got charged 50% more than she should have yes, but deprived of a 10 dollar gift card? Just because they sometimes run a deal offering a gift card doesn't mean they always are, or that they always have to.

And I do believe that the proper reaction would be one with a bit of grace.

It's not an insult they threw at you, it's a mistake, welcome to life, take it in stride. Take in your ad and get the mistake rectified or just don't buy the game.

Not only did you get charged 50% more than you were supposed to, you were deprived of your extra $10.00 off coupon, so you were ripped twice. :eek
Remember Joan's wise advice, " need to *** off your nose to spite your face." I guess she expects you to eat their mistake with the grace and dignity expected of a nice little southern girl like yourself! :( :(

I would recommend taking your ad into the store and asking for a manager when you get to customer service. I looked at my ad, here in SD and it does say the same thing for the Sims games.

There is no need to *** off your nose to spite your face.

The employees are only human and humans do make mistakes. It could well be that the overnight stockers placed the signs and the morning employees weren't aware of the sale when you were in there.

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