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Over the summer I bought a soap pump that literally fell apart on my bathroom sink. Clearly the item was either made wrong, designed wrong, or just got past quality control. Yesterday I went to return it without the receipt.

Beyond the rude treatment, the need for "state issued identification", the accusation that it was USED (DUH), and "had liquid it in it!" I was told all I could get back was 31 per cent less than I paid for it because I had no receipt.

I bought the thing in good faith. I expect Target to act in good faith.

Monetary Loss: $10.

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You are lucky they did anything for you without a receipt. A lot of stores would just show you the door. But, hey I suppose it's easier to blame a store than yourself.


If you do not have a receipt you are given the LOWEST selling price of the item within the last 90 days... because without a receipt you "actually do not know what you paid for it" ..

so yes the item went on sale recently and you received the lowest price.

while you see it as a penalty for not having your receipt.. Target sees it as not refunding too much money to people who dont know what they paid for an item.


I actually do not know what I paid for it- they used today's on-the-shelf price. So, your excuse doesn't hold up. It was clearly a penalty for not having the receipt.


The reason you would be getting a smaller refund without the receipt is more than likely because it had been on sale/clearance since you bought it. Almost all the stores do that, even if a person buys something in good faith.

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