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I went to Target yesterday, and find one Juice Extractor, the price on the Shelve was $19.99, the next was $24.99, when I was on the register she told me the price was $54.99, and probably some customer put this Item on wrong place, but I cant belive that some one else going to stock the Merchandise perfectly like a Employee, and she said: "Can you see the price on the tag, is diferent Item"

Sorry my ignorance, but I dont know how to read Target tags, I dont work there and they dont give customer trainning, so we can read tags. And the Customer Service was terrible.

Anybody can tell me where can I complaint about this situation with this store, cause was no the first time to happen this to me.... I have some pictures...

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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Amen to the previous two responses. It does happen on occasion that an item is incorrectly stocked.

However, the majority of the time, the consumer is the one who shuffled things around, creating a headache for the next guest who thinks they're getting a $55 juicer for $20. I always double check tags.


I see people put items in the wrong spot all the time. They change their minds and just set it on any self.

It happens. It's the people who shop who are pigs and make the messes. The sale tag also has a description of the item. Not very hard to read and really you need no training.

Sounds like your just making excuses and looking for pity. Do you realize how many people lie and say oh I found it in this spot for this price.

Vero Beach, Florida, United States #953884

"I don't know how to read Target price tags". You don't know how to read Kenmore Juicer $19.99 or Black & Decker Juicer $54.99?


You want help with matching numbers on the item to the shelf tag? Do you have a kid,a niece, a nephew, a neighbor kid? Get them to help you.

to Anonymous Hamilton, Ohio, United States #947144

What about if we take your mom, probably she can help better... we r talking that the customer service is very bad...

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