West Bay Shore,New York

Okay folks here my story ,interesting.So here it comes that i decided to apply to work at Target store in Bayshore being close to the house it sounded convienient and easy so here it goes:i filled out the computer quest,i get a call after two days for an interview.The interview was 10 am not to maintain i had to wait about 20minutes for them ,that someone will come and interview me.So at the end of the interview they told me they will contact me for a second interview and three days later they said they are unable to offer me a job and i was turned on for no reason.Excuse but to arrange a store or do some heavy lifting what do you have to have to get a job?Or maybe i am from Romania recently emigrated here?Or what now it requires a college degree to get hire at Target.This is against human rights you say you offer a fair chance to everybody and guess what there is no chance and not to maintain The Declaration Of Independence that they maintain equal rights for everybody.Or you have to know someone inside like in Romania or pay someone to get a job.Interesting.("In Romania my country is a high level of corruption you have yo pay if you want something").

Anyway i am just dissapointed that's all....

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Stop with the discrimination. You were not hired because of your lack of qualifications. Move on and try again.

Sherman, Texas, United States #993973

Boo hoo, you didn't get hired. You didn't get hired, not because of where you're from, but because there were other people more qualified than you who applied.

That is life. I applied to a place I really wanted to work at, but didn't even get a call back, and I'm not whining about it.

You weren't qualified, and they don't HAVE to hire you. Grow up and apply somewhere else.

Orange, California, United States #982033

Grow up, your not getting the job has nothing to do with your being from Romania, it has to do with not being qualified.


Do you think you are complaining on the Target web site, or just venting to us on a general complaint site? No business has to give a reason for not hiring somebody.

In a lot of states an employee doesn't even have to be given a reason for being fired. IF you REALLY need a job get out and apply other places. Just because a business is close to where you live isn't a REAL reason to work there. One job that I had was a 20 mile trip one way and I had to be there by 8:00AM, and that was after dropping my baby off at the baby sitter.

In your complaint, it sounds like you were offered a job, but thought you were too good for the job. If you want a job working with the public, in any store, you don't need a college degree, but you do have to know how to speak grammar well enough so that the customers can understand what you are saying. One example is you say you were "turned on for no reason." In America the term "turned on" usually means to be sexually aroused. Quit playing the new resident in this country card, and work on improving your grammar.

A lot of your rambling on in you complaint makes it sound like you are a trouble maker, and the Declaration of Independence has nothing at all with your ability to get a job. A lot of your problem sounds like you have a poor attitude and there aren't enough jobs for everybody that wants one. If you came to the US just because you thought there were a lot of jobs, you were sadly mistaken. Maybe you should have taken one of those jobs that Target offered you, that you thought weren't good enough for you, and you could have worked your way up.

I have a 23 year old grandaughter that looked for a full time job for two years. She had a lot of part time temporary jobs in that time. The longest any of those jobs lasted was three months. She finally got hired where she wanted to and has worked her "butt" off in the last two years, and has become one of the assistant managers in the business and has been told that in less than two years she will be a general manager in one of their stores.

When I say she has worked her "butt" off, I mean that literally. When she is on the losing shift, most nights she doesn't get home until 2:00AM. When they have end of month inventory at night, those nights it is 5:00AM. when she gets home, and oh yes?

she has a four year old son to take care of.

That is why she is working so hard, to be able to support him.

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