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Hi, I ordered a game from and so it shipped out via UPS to USPS (for final delivery). Well, it became lost in transit and so only the shipper (Target) can call UPS and USPS to ask for lost shipment measures/tracers.

It was a complete nightmare dealing with Target customer service. I dealt with Target chat reps Garry, Homer, Reuben, and Allie and they were all completely useless and just wanted to pass the buck to someone else instead of doing their jobs and just requesting Target Logistics help me find the lost package. When I called Target customer service, I of course got their overseas India call center. The first lady could not understand English after speaking really slow and repeating myself 6 times.

I next called another non-US Target rep JoJo who just hung up on me after I simply asked if Target could contact the shipping companies so I could get my order. It had been lost for about 2 weeks. So I tried to call Target corporate and the operator there refuses to let you speak to someone in corporate and she just puts you back in the complete joke customer service (India) call center. So since I tried to be nice and get this resolved and Target could obviously care less, I decided to place a BBB complaint, a MN state attorney general complaint (in MN because of there Target corporate is located), and a FTC complaint.

LOL, lo and behold, I got my refund real soon after. Several months ago, I bought a TV from and it was broken in 4 places because of this little podunk shipping company they used (who obviously threw the TV around and broke it). If they had used UPS, USPS, or FedEx it would not have been broken. I see a lot of people on here who think they are out of money with their Target experience, but they just need to do what I did-dispute it with your payment method, BBB, MN State Attorney General, and FTC and you will get your money back.

Don't let Target take your money and give up on ever getting it back. It just makes me absolutely sick Target was just so impossible to deal with. Can't the corporate members see that their horrible customer service is why they are losing so badly to Amazon? I will never, ever go to Target again (stores or online) as they obviously could absolutely care less about customers.

Amazon and Wal Mart would have sent me a replacement or refund in one call. Thanks for reading!

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Shipping Service.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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"Anonymous" you obviously are a loser (who is a gutless coward to put your name on here) who works for Target. Your job is to respond to their hundreds and hundreds of horrible customer complaints.

Anyone with half a brain knows Target totally sucks is a complete nightmare to deal with. Look at ALL the reviews on this site and EVERYWHERE. That is why they will be out of business in a few years.

And yes, Wal Mart DOES have much, much better customer service (not as good as Amazon's, of course). "Anonymous"...why don't you go to COLLEGE so you can get a REAL job, you loser.

to Greg Olson #1527898

Right On The Money! Thank You Very Much For Calling Out "Anonymous" For Being Exactly Who They Be.

to Greg Olson #1540114

I couldn't have said it any better myself!

to Greg Olson #1569457

your a joke sweetie if u actually think target will ever be out of buisness in a year or few years hahaha .. i was gonna leave this comment alone but after the beligerent comments and rude comments from what i can only assume is another upset CUSTOMER ..

aka you greg .. i have to just add my two sense and sweetie i got no problem telling you my name if u ask nicely and im a worker at target to .. ohh and a college student .. dont you feel proud for guessing stupid *** ..

aww maybe i should give u a cookie lol .. walmart and target are pretty bad as companies however .. that aint the employees fault ..

and you dont have a right to be rude and disrespectful to others either .. working for target doesnt make anyone a looser it makes them smarter then the “ GUESTS” ..


....Wal Mart would have sent me a replacement or refund in one call.....

apparently youve never had a issue w/ reviews on this website & you'll see

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