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I placed a order with target on line, called them back to cancel it 45 minutes later and they wouldn't cancel the order, my fault for dealing with them, but come on 45 min later. That's their ploy for getting your money super fast, I called 3 other places and they say you can cancel order within 24 hours.

Target is the worst place to order anything on line!!!!

Beside the fact I was on the call for 40 minutes trying to get someone to help me who spoke English!

then I got the supervisor who was no help!!!!!

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Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #158095

this is exactely why you should have gotton your parents permission before placing an order online.


Unfortunately and Target work independently.

Dunn, North Carolina, United States #5956

If the call center you called couldn't cancel the order, then it means it was already at the warehouse being processed for shipping, where they would have no control over it.

Bridgeport, Michigan, United States #3293

That's Target for ya, I will not shop there anymore. Come to the one in Bismarck ND, you will get even better service !!!!!!!! Thats Bismarck North Dakota.

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