Would not let me return or exchange a 17 dollar shirt. Tags on, not worn, no receipt.

I exceeded the $70 return limit w/o reciept. Asked to speak with two managers. they were unalbe to "override" policy. Called guest relations.

Two "supervisors" told me the same thing. I told them I spend thousands of dollars at their store, so I guess I am over my limit, now, too! I can't believe they have no way to make exceptions. I guess this is a result of paying with cash, being a good law-abiding citizen and not ripping off stores.

What is becoming of our world? Goodbye Target, Hello WALMART.

Monetary Loss: $17.

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I used to hate target but now i've read mikes comment, i will shop there now because he makes so mucch sence and likes our ugly faces. My mind is changed about how bad target really is.

Niigata-Shi, Niigata, Japan #380441

If you don't like Target then go to wal mart I work at Target and I get paid by the hour and I could care less if you shop there or not I'm sooooo sick of losers who think they are hot stuff and come in there to hassle me day in and day out over the dumbest things ever who think they are better than me,who think they can shove me around and all I can do is keep my mouth shut. So, go to wal mart so Target doesn't have to see all of your ugly faces.


So, why exactly do you think that places like Target give you a receipt? It isn't because they hate trees.

Seriously, you returned $70 worth of stuff, without a receipt and not purchased on the redcard that you claim to have, and you wanted to return even more. Yeah, Target isn't "run by robots", it just isn't a library either.


You won't like WalMart any better, perhaps much worse. WalMart has crippled and/or mentally retarded people at the door; inept and downright *** people in the departments; and a minimal number of checkout lanes open.

Oh, and their service desk usually has long lines with but one employee all tatooed and metalized trying to "help" customers.

Good luck. Try Meijer if you have one in your area.

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