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Target is a great company but does not play fair when it is time to promote their managers and is often found promoting managers who are external hires and do not know the business. I highly recommend that someone looks into Merit based promotions becasue they are non existence in this company even though they say it is.

Promotions come in play when DTL like you not based on what you can do for this company. Please leave the politics for the politicians and promote people based on merits and not based on whether your DTL and STL likes you or not.

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Another thing about Target, they give a raise first and then your evaluation. interesting.


I agree, I have been with Target for 3 years and see the bullsh@t that goes on before my eyes. All the good talent go out the door and seek employment at Walmart. Target maybe a great company for some people but there is not enough growth in an organization that their rules and regulation is related to communism.


Target rarely promotes from inside, despite the talent a current team member might have 80-90% of new executives (managers) are fresh college graduates with or without experience. Target wants team members to be open to and willing to change when new policies or procedure are handed down. If you are looking to work your way up in Target..look elsewhere..for they are.


In some instances it makes sense to bring in new talent from other companies. New talent brings in fresh idea, new perspective and often an inside view into how competition functions.

Hiring outside is often preferred for these reasons. Although their may be a great deal of talent from within, policies can be taught to anybody, the experience of how the competition works cannot.

If you are looking to move up to a management position start applying outside target.


it is true that don't hire many team member inside the store for promotions. Some come from other stores or outsider.

Even worst most team members get 1% or 2% pay raises these days.

It is not a great place to work but good place to shope.

Isn't that sad?


The DTL is going to promote his buddy or the woman with the nice rack. Companies are not FAIR. You should move on and find a respectable company to work for NOT TARGET.


Have you ever thought that you aren't "talented" enough for a promotion? I'm sure if Target thought you were management material, that's where you would be. Stop blaming politics and look in the mirror.

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