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Target allowed a shopping cart stall to lie unrepaired. I got hit viciously in the stomach when the cart jammed into my stomach.

Target illegally dumped poisonous products for eight years with approximately 300 warnings before they were sued in California.

Target allowed an elderly women to receive brain damage because they didn't take care of their equipment.

Target over charge customers until they were sued.

Target sold lead based toys for children.

Target is one of the most dangerous stores to shop at in the world!

When I got injured I reported it, Target's agent yelled at me as I explained a child, pregnant women or elderly person could have been killed. Target is very dangerous, don't let your loved one shop their alone, and if you get hurt be sure to take an ambulance from the store to the hospital and be sure to fill out an accident report. Target will find any reason imaginable to keep from paying for medical bills they caused.

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Orange, California, United States #908007

I would ask when you got fired but you seem like a child that is too young to work. Next time have an adult handle the cart so you do not get hurt. The carts are not toys and should only be pushed by adults.


all stores do the same stuff, walmart, kmart, every grocery store. I've seen whole food, safeway, etc sell obvious moldy things that were dangerous.

Ive seen hair products and others just thrown into the trash read for the landfill.

Target has an ESIM programme which they need to separate all of the environmentally sensitive materials and dispose of properly. I don't know where you have left to shop for things.


Target allows some of their stores to become a hazard when all Target really had to do was fix the problem. Some of the complaints against Target are really sad.

The person who got hit in the stomach could have been a female, females have reproductive organs. Target is very careless, why don't they maintain all of their stores?

Oak Park, Illinois, United States #645073

"Target Settles with Chicago Woman for $7 Million"

October 07, 2009


"An elderly Chicago woman settled for $7 million with Target Corp. for brain injuries she sustained from a store's malfunctioning door, her lawyer said.

As Claire Putman entered the company's Rosemont, Ill., store, a swinging door struck her and knocked her to the floor, where she hit her head, the Chicago Sun-Times reported Tuesday.

The store's security video showed the door swung back and hit Putman again, hitting her head a second time, Putman's attorney said.

Putman, 81, was hospitalized after the incident and has a brain injury that caused permanent loss of certain cognitive abilities, the newspaper reported.

"She can speak but has trouble processing words and processing thoughts," her attorney said.

Putman will move from her nursing home back into her family's home. The settlement money will pay for her medical assistance, he said.

A Cook County judge entered the order for the settlement from Target and Besam USA, the door manufacturer."

Atlanta, Georgia, United States #645068

Are you by any chance the one who suffered brain damage?


Hey anonymous (Sioux Falls, South Dakota) thanks for explaining why your an imbecile as a result of the lead paint you grew up around and inhaling.

to laffin@anonymous New Orleans, Louisiana, United States #644192

Everyone laughs at anonymous from SD.

Just take this away from his reading - NEVER SHOP AT TARGET.

Look at the people who argue with Target complaint. They are all laughable.

to laffin@anonymous Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, United States #645076

Yeah, I guess that's what Target said when they were sued by parents and lost. :cry
to laffin@anonymous Kenosha, Wisconsin, United States #685610


Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #643981

Your complaint doesn't make sense. What do you mean Target let a shopping cart stall to lie unrepaired, and then you got hit viciously in the stomach when the cart jammed into your stomach?

This makes no sense. No matter what it was, whether or not it was an unrepaired cart stall or an unrepaired shopping cart, it didn't all of a sudden jump up and attack you. You just plain weren't looking where you were going and ran into it. How did an elderly woman sustain brain damage from equipment that wasn't taken care of?

All stores sell lead based toys until the items are recalled. As far as lead base goes, I grew up in an era when everything was lead based, and none of the many other people that lived in that era, that I personally know or from my home area, suffered any consequences from being around and handling lead based items. I sure some of us, as babies and toddlers probably even chewed on lead based items. As far as a pregnant woman being killed from not looking where they were going, just like you, that is just plain laughable.

Pregnant women aren't any more delicate than you or I. I have known pregnant women that have fallen down stairs and not been injured. Just because you were careless, and ran into something, doesn't mean that Target should pay your medical bills. You didn't get your way, so now you bring up all this other *** about Target.

Bring up your one point and stick to it with more understandable details, instead of wandering all over.

Also learn how to spell and use proper punctuation, if you think you are so smart.

to anonymous River Forest, Illinois, United States #645085
You've got time to write a book about someone's complaints. Sounds like you work for Target from home, you are pretty obvious. :grin
to anonymous Chicago, Illinois, United States #655318

Listen to your ignorant comment, you know pregnant women who have fallen down the stairs and have not gotten hurt? So what about the pregnant women that have fallen and lost their child?

The article says Target had defective equipment that caused the shopping cart to jam.

The defective equipment should not have been there. TARGET WAS CARELESS AND CAUSED THE DAMAGES.

to anonymous #907865

No, actually if you read the complaint, Target lost as the judge decided with the plaintiff and Target had to pay for their negligence, now go and write another book, the customers can see right through the Target hired bloggers.

Target needs to protect customers and stop injuring them, then hiding behind excuses when they have harmed people!!!!!!

You're a patriot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) ,) 8) :grin

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