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I purchased 02 air purified based on Target online product specification. In this case, the room range of the product is 100-300 sf. I have 234sf. room to cover and it was in the product range so I was happy to purchased.

I plugged-in and it was ok, I never had I air purified before, so I was not aware if was working or not. Today, I decided to take a look and read the manufacture manual and for my surprised the manufacture's manual states that " THIS AIR CLEANER IS SUGGESTED FOR USE IN A SINGLE, CLOSED ROOM UP TO 155 SQUARE FEET."

I called Target very upset that I was mislead up to 155sf. is not the same of 100-300sf. In case that the supervisor came up with a range of excuses that I was the one wrong that I was the one who did not understand that 155sf fits in the 100-300 sf. room and for my frustration they were kind enough to send me a gift card of 20,00. And, I could return the item.

I tried to explain him that I trashed the original boxes, that I did not need spend more time in trying to sending back or in other words spending more money and time to return the item that I was mislead to believe that it would cover my 234sf. room. I just want them to issue a gift card with the amount that I spent so I could buy another air purifier, because the one that I brought was not enough to cover the entire room, again, remember that 234 is not in the range of up to 155.

When I asked the supervisor to talk with someone with higher rank, he got offensive and I do understand why, but not explaining me how they come up with this range of up to 300sf when the manual says up to 155sf and I am the one wrong, come on, it can drive anyone crazy.

Is Target intentional dishonesty would be to try to increase sales when you increase the range of the sf. increases the people who are willing to buy the product and that makes me crazy when you trying to increase sales with a misleading information that is a false advertising and that is misrepresentation of the product at hand, ustomers have the right to know what they are buying, and that all necessary information should be on the specification.

And by the FTC prohibit s"unfair and deceptive acts or practices in commerce, means that the claim, if relied on for making a purchasing decision, is likely to be harmful by adversely affecting that decision. If an ad is implicitly false, evidence must be obtained for what consumers saw the ad saying, and for the materiality of that, and for the true facts about the advertised item, but no evidence is required that actual deception occurred, or that reliance occurred, or that the advertiser intended to deceive or knew that the claim was false.

I should not be mislead when the range should be up to 155 sf. not up to 300sf. that is false claim that lead me to buy a product and for my compensation is $20,00 charity and you will keep misleading other customers that could be a pattern right there.

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Gift Card.

Reason of review: Not as described.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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