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My daughter signed up for the Bridal registry. They recieved thousands of dollars worth of items and gift cards.

They recieved 7 Crock Pots and and 8 pyrex sets.

One item that they recieved was a $25 shower curtain that is only sold at Target. It came without the holes in the top to hang it up. She tried to exchange it for one that was not defective, but the store refused to let her because of the $20 limit on returns or exchanges with out a reciept.

They get people to sign up so that they benefit from many thousands of dollars in sales, and then refuse to accept items for exchange or return for credit with out a receipt. You can not force people to give you a gift or sales receipt so that you can exchange gifts, but when they refuse to exchange a defective item they sell, it should be illegal.

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You will never have any success at Target until you follow "You can beat them at their own"'s advice. They will never cooperate with you.

Since it is their policy to have a receipt, buy the same item again and return the defective one with your new receipt. That's the way they want it, so work within their own rules.

Good luck!! :p


Buy the same item again and take the defective one back with your receipt.


It is targets policy that you must have a reciept!! DON'T BLAME THEM!

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