The other day i purchased around $190 dollars at TARGET in Twin Falls, ID. My check got returned for NSF.

Later in the week TARGET cashed the same check in full. But TARGET was not happy. No. They called me twice in the morning and the afternoon to my home phone and to my cel.

After three weeks of this harassment they sent me to...collections.Yes for $20 dollars they hired a collection agency "Affiliated Credit Services".

So my credit score is ruin...for $20 dollars...are you real TARGET?

I never shop at this store anymore...or TARGET all together. This is a RIPOFF.

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Kevin I think your are right its sad that guys like Anonymous harass 14 year olds on the internet.


Hey Anonymous have you ever heard pick on someone your own age are you sure your not 14? Really grow up and her name is TASHA not TASHEE get a life and pick on someone your own age and while your at it leave Simon alone too he atleast has some Common Sense to which you lack.


Why should Target have to be out that $20 because you didn't make sure you had the money in your account before writing that check?


Tasha - go do your homework! You don't want your parents (lol) pissed at you!!

Quit flirting with Simon - or do you two have a "thing?"


Simon, don't be such a hater, son. Tasha may not double click (cudos to Tashee) but she is too young for a checking account herself.

Seriously, try putting your heads together ...

you might get one troll who knows what they're talking about.

Simon, quit trippin and get over it!


At least Tasha can figure out how not to double post.

Seriously, anonymous? Click send and be done with it. No one wants to read anything you type once, let alone twice.


Tash, Tash, Tisk, Tisk - Did you forget that this persona is fourteen, that's fourteen - 14 years old???? A fourteen year old calling anonymous a child.

Wait, let me catch my breath from laughing so hard! Anonymous needs parents to straighten out their checking account? And what do you need, dear? Apparently not the benefit of parents since you are posting lectures to everyone posting complaints.

Do they even know what you do at night? Tasha, seriously......?


AND TASHEE - What the heck are you? You keep contending that you are fourteen and calling every complaintant a child.

In case you don't know yet, let me be the first to advise, fourteen is still a child.

Go back to school and stay away from judging people on these sites. You are absolutely no different than those you judge.


Why don't you grow up. If someone bounces a check in a store, it is their responsibility to pay for the check that bounced. Target has to pay the twenty dollars and you are expected to reimburse them.


So why didn't you just pay the $20 after they contacted you the first time?


Picture hundreds of other people saying the same thing you did. They'd lose a lot of money.

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