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I paid my bill on due date , I thought I paid on time. I never checked my card because I never used it.

Two months later I received an email saying I had a balance. So I checked it and it showed at 53 dollar fee. It was a late fee because I paid 2 hours late and on top of first late fee, there was a late fee for not paying the first late fee. At the time my baby was very sick for 6 weeks and in the hospital for part of it.

So I hadn't checked my cards very often. Anyways I asked for them to fix it and they said can only do one. Which I would have been ok with except the representatives were very rude and spoke in anger.I have sent a few emails to redcard and corporate and no response, even though it says response within 24 hours. They have no compassion and are very greedy.

The 27 dollars they get to keep with cost all of my future business they could have made alot more. I will no longer be a Target customer and will make sure my friends, family, and children won't either.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $26.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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The only reason you posted this complaint is that you expect people to feel sorry for you and you think you're the victim in this situation. Your children are the real victims here. You have no business being a parent.

Orlando, Florida, United States #871844

"I never checked my card because I never used it."

"So I hadn't checked my cards very often."

By your OWN admission you didn't check the card or balance yourself and just assumed you paid on time. How is it Target's fault?

You were late, they charged a fee. That's not greed that's basic policy with ANY credit card.


Perhaps you should have kept your legs crossed, it is quite clear that you cannot afford to have a child, you are liar, first you say that you paid your bill on time, then you say it was two hours late, well two hours late is still late you liar. Also telling you "no" is not the same as rudeness, I suggest you call an adoption agency and have someone adopt the baby because clearly if the baby is sick and requires hospitalization than you are doing something wrong, they should contact CPS on you if your baby was sick for six weeks. If they have compassion for you they would have to have compassion for everyone else and not get money owed to them, you owe them money, your payment was late, grow up and take responsibility for your actions, you are a parent now, I bet the reason your baby was sick was because you did not take care of it properly just like you do not pay your bills on time, you are a very irresponsible person who should not be a parent, it is very easy to spread your legs but once you get pregnant it is actual work and you have to grow up and act mature.

to Anonymous #871389

My children are in CPS care you ***, the hospital called them and thought I had the pregnancy depression and called them. I got a warning and my children know that if I don't follow their rules that they will be taken away from me.

I have told them that if they ask me to go to Target that they won't be needing CPS to take them from me, I would call them myself and have them shipped off to a foster home myself. That if they shop at Target I will disown them, my baby has fetal alcohol syndrome because I did not know I was pregnant at the time and I was still drinking. When I found out I was pregnant I thought I was already drinking and hooked on it so if I did damage drinking a little more would not do anymore.

The point of my review is they are greedy and don't care about single parents. I have two other boys age eight and six and they are forbidden to mention Target and if a Target commercial comes on television they change the channel, otherwise I will call CPS and tell them I cannot handle them and to put them in a foster home.

to Anonymous #875866

Don't blame Target for your lousy parenting skills, bit**. It seems to me that you don't even want those kids if you're threatening to ship them off to foster care if they even mention Target or watch a commercial.

You didn't pay your bill on time, the store charges a late fee.

That's the way it works with every retail company. YOU were the one who screwed up, you have no one to blame but yourself.

to Anonymous #872166

We do not care about your personal problems which you caused on your own, it is not Target's fault CPS got involved with your family, so why post this, unless you want us to feel sorry for you, well we don't we feel sorry for your children having to live with possible abuse. If your children are removed from your home we feel bad for them having to live with strangers, they are the victims here not you, I like how parents feel like they are the victims when their children are placed into care, this is not the case, it is your children you should be the ones you feel bad for, a lot of parents with children in care put themselves ahead of their child's needs, a loving parent would feel bad for her children in this situation not herself.

Most not all parents who are involved with CPS are not loving parents. Sometimes CPS makes a mistake and pulls children from loving homes.

Kansas City, Missouri, United States #871262

Pay cash --- credit is ruining American families.

Boston, Massachusetts, United States #871254

Bottom line is YOU screwed up. You have no one to blame but yourself.

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